Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 8

Time to go back to jakarta..bye2 manado..
(picture was taken at sintesa peninsula hotel)

ps:the trip is from 18-24 sept,so when i'm posting it,its not d actual date okay..

Day 7

A very beautiful restaurant called bumi beringin...

Day 6

staying at santika hotel.they hv diz long bridge dat will bring u directly to d sea
beautiful lembeh island
waruga, grave for manado people long long time ago

me and my lovely family

tarsius d smallest monkey in d world..u can see them at naemundung zoo

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 5

with "jesus blessing" statue,no 2 after d one at brazil
capel at maria's cave

me and my lil brother

Day 4

2nd nite at tomohon stays at lokon resort
amaze by how it could gives a beautiful harmony

ragey satay!so huge...and i dont like it..too much fat

rafting at much fun!!!

Day 3

Day 2

manado durian is sooo delicious!!we eat like crazy!!!!!
after exhausted bcoz of snorkeling,me and sis went to spa

manado people eats fried banana wit chilli..

daddy is having lunch after snorkeling at bunaken sea

Day 1 - Holiday at Manado

Me and my parents friends went to manado at 18 sept till 24 here are some pics from our trip..with total 32 persons..yeaahh babyy..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Just bought this new sunnies..coz my "ray ban" look alike is disappear, actually i like Calvin Klein police sunnies dat i saw couple weeks ago but too expensive so i decided to bought diz sunnies at Charles and Keith and d best thing is its 50% disc!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last of my best friend treat me n bf at pizza e birra..its d first time i ate there..and i like it!the food taste quite good,nice ambience and i love their morroccan style floor..Well we suppose to went to brightspot dat day but unfortunately we hv to wait our super late friend dat finally we didnt make it coz its too late...But anyway i went to brightspot on sunday though..well,didnt buy anythin..coz d stuff i like are expensive T_T and now i'm still thinkin of a semi blazer vest dat i saw there...regret....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shocking pink

today i ran away from office for a while to went at a cosmetic bazaar...too bad today is their last i only got their last stock =( but still lucky enough coz i got wat i want..a shocking pink lipstick from YSL which only cost 100.000 plus it has other colour in d stick as well ^__^

Also had "Buka Bersama" wit my office mates from marketing and corporate division at golden century lamien,setiabudi one...its really fun coz we had a lots of laugh!!!