Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Makeup - BB cushion, black thick eyeliner, gradation pink blush on, delicious pink lipstick all from Laneige
Crown by Sibebo, Kartini Dress by OnlyI
Finally an outfit post.. Wearing a beautiful Kartini dress from Diamondhurts label, Onlyi. This dress is an eye stopper ;) Btw I've gained some weight and it makes me kinda lazy to have an outfit post T_T Enjoying tasty food is my biggest passion besides fashion. hahaha.. I'm trying to diet right now. Wish me luck guys.. Should get the bikini body back!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

LANEIGE Beauty Blogger Challenge

WHAT - I got the chance to join Beauty Blogger Challenge held by Laneige one of the most well known beauty brand from Korea. Do you ever think what Laneige means? Well it means snow in French ;) this brand studies the skincare concerns and trends of women in their 20’s by giving the goodness of water science to help women achieve the radiant, dewy skin they have always longed for. Curious about what dewy skin look alike.. You’ll see it in seconds.
The Laneige Indonesia team welcomed us and explained about the challenge to 10 bloggers. This competition held in five Asia countries to get 1 winner from each country and become Laneige beauty blogger Ambassador. How cool is that?! It really an honor for me to get the experience trying Laneige products and joined the competition as well.
STEP - Now, the moment of truth.. I will share the step by step to get the K-Look (Korean dewty look) ;) will explain it with pointers and blocking so you guys won’t be tired reading this. Haha

1. I  have to clean up my face from makeup and dirt using Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof and Oil-Free Cleansing Liquid. They are ophthalmologist tested, meaning proved that there won’t be any irritation / allergies / dry-eye syndrome. Some of us might have experienced with other brand that when we wipe our face/lip/eye with remover, it will make our skin dry. But this one, besides cleaning, they also moisturize your skin.

2. I gently swipe the (gel-type) White Plus Renew Skin Refiner to the face to keep my skin well-hydrated , looks plump and healthy, removes residue, boosts whitening effect and improves skin texture to create a smooth skin.

3. Apply the White Plus Renew Emulsion, to leaves the skin refreshed, calm, moisturized and provides intensive whitening effect.

4. Apply the White Plus Renew Essence by gently spread from center towards the contours then let it absorb. This is basically like a serum. Giving you a deep and sustained moisturizing, detoxifies inner skin and delivers a sleek skin texture. Ok I already felt rebirth after the 4th step haha…

5. Now we are going to enter the makeup preparation after giving some time to spoil our skin. I used the Water Supreme Primer Base SPF 15 (type: 60 light green, they got 3 types, you can choose 1 that fits you best). It’s for correcting reddish and dark skin tone for clear complexion so after this moisture coating, we ready to use the foundation.

6. This is my most awaited product, the Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++! Gives you a bright look, spf50+, cooling effect, natural glow and sweat –proof & long-lasting. The uniqueness is at how to apply it. You push the puff against the sponge to absorb then apply it to your face, very easy! To conceal the blemishes, pat several times to improve coverage. Ahhh I love this so much!!! 

You should have one. For sure! Oh if you want to reduce the “sweat lasting” look, finish it with water supreme finishing pact.
If you wondering, why there’s always water word in every product, like I said before Laneige using water goodness to optimize in giving deep moisturizing to our skin.
7. Time to put some makeup. I start with the Natural Brow Liner - Auto Pencil, to be  honest I never use this because I don’t think I can draw my brows but surprisingly its very easy to apply, the color is not too dark or too light and since it’s a retractable auto-pencil, it does not require periodic sharpening, after that for the eye makeup I used the Multi Professional Shadow with 4 complementary colors. Oh they have the shimmery to make your eyes and face more glowy, Next to make my eyes looked bigger I put on the Extra Easy Eyeliner (for day look, I used the eyeliner at the eyes lower part from middle to outer part while for the night look I used from inner to outer for the lower part), I complete the eye makeup with the Volume Setting Mascara. I forgot to bring my eyelash curler but turns out I don’t need any since the mascara itself already boost up my eye lashes with its double twisted brush – magic!, Almost finish, I put on the pink gradation series of Professional Selection Blusher (looked natural on my cheeks), I blushed like a shy girl. haha, Finally the last step I closed my K-Look by using the Pure Glossy Lipstick, its very soft and jelly like texture, so it can prevent flaking on your lips our worst enemy when using lipstick.. So voila!

DAY & NIGHT LOOK - I create the day and night look using almost the same product. The difference is for the day look I’m using the brown Multi Shaping Eyeliner with light color for the eyeshadow and Pure Glossy Lipstick (Delicious Pink). For the night look, I made it more intense by putting darker color for the eyeshadow using black Extra Easy Eyeliner (liquid) and mix the Pure Glossy Lipstick with the Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss for more plumply lips

Results are below. I love both look! This whole steps using Laneige products gave me a smooth, shiny skin look. Flawless like K-Look ;) You can try and take a look for Laneige products at: Seibu Grand Indonesia, Sogo Kota Kasablanka and Pondok Indah Mall 2. Such a great beauty experience I had and I will back to meet Romeo one of Laneige’s makeup artist on June 24th. Yay!
You can vote for me and take a peek of other bloggers BEFORE AFTER result… Same with me, all of us transform!!! Visit Laneige microsite HERE. Voting period from 19 to 26 June. Vote for me! *wink

ps: There are some photo's color difference because besides using my camera, I also took some photos from Laneige's photographer.. ;D

Thursday, June 13, 2013

REVE hit the town

Good news to perfume lovers (and Agnes Monica fans.. hehe). These multi talented singer just launched her new perfume line called Agnez Reve Eau De Perfume with floral fruity scent (Dewberry and Tropical Mango), followed by the diversity of unique scents (prune, cassis and tea rose), spoiled by sweet caramel, vanilla and amber aroma for the closure. I’ve used Reve and the first thought in my mind is “hey I love the smell! Its very refreshing, not too sweet, just the right amount. 

Talking about fragrance concentration? Did you know what is the difference between EDC, EDT, EDP and Perfume? Let me give you some information about it, so when you want to buy a fragrance you’ll know which one is suit you best ;) 
- EDC (eau de cologne) – Consist of 2 to 5 percent of the essential scent.
- (eau de toilette) - With about 5 to 8 percent of the perfume essence, this is a light scent designed for shorter wear on the skin.
- EDP (eau de perfume) - Only slightly less potent (and expensive) than parfum, an eau de parfum typically contains anywhere from 8 to 15 percent of the essential fragrance.
- Perfume - Parfum - also called extract or extrait perfume - is the most concentrated or purest form of a fragrance product, and is the longest-lasting on the skin. As such, it is also the most expensive. A true parfum (perfume) will contain 15 percent or more (typically up to 30 percent) of the essential fragrance.

As I said above, Reve concentrate is eau de perfume, that means the smell will stay longer on the skin rather than EDT. Mostly we find EDT at the market.  Usually EDP is quite expensive but you can grab Agnez Reve EDP for only for Rp 359.0000 (100ml). You can save your money because you don’t need to spray it all the time because by my experience, while I’m typing this blog post, I already put it since 8am and till 2 pm I can still smell it =D *kaching

Best part of it, you can grab this perfume just by clicking blibli.com then bam they will send it right to your doorstep. I’m an online shopper, I bought everything from online shop =D and buying perfume is one of them… If you think you hestitate coz need to smell them first, actually you can find some reviews about the stuff you want to purchase through social media include blog.. And for Reve EDP you can trust my review. Hahah.. But hey  It really smells good for sure =)) Click blibli.com while stock last ya’ll.