Wednesday, December 31, 2008


yesterday i went to ITC mangdu,one of my fav place to shopping.he2..well maybe not 4 yesterday coz the electricity was its very hot!hot!for those who've been there must noe how crowded there..first its kinda turn off my mood,but few hours later d electric is working again and i can take more air..hahhh...i went to friends boutique and got a cute top ^_^ but overall i dont think there's much "items" dat day..besides d crowd makes me wanna go home,and yep!like usual i hv to stuck in d traffic after drop my while driving,i'm taking my pic quietly so dat other cars not realize.khukhukhu

Sunday, December 28, 2008


finally my friend tagged me our xmas dinner pics at fb..its on 20 dec at birdcage we are having fun dat nite.after dinner,we went to buckz for a while then back to isya apartment for sleep over..i love dear bff
O yea tonight i'm havin dinner at Tamani wit bf,every time i want to take d food pic,i always forgot coz everytime d food is coming,i grab it immediately.haha..greedy me.but i took d bev pics..they are stylish lime lemon (my bf 's),and thai iced tea (mine,fav..)

LaLaLa..i'm bored

Fiuh..i really hv nothin to do parents and brothers is heading to macau =( my sister is working,my bf is repairing his jusst finished tidyin up the clothes its very took about an hour.i really need a bigger closet,there's a joke i often to said to my sis,when will u get married?i need ur here it tidy least it can survive about 1/2 month ^_^
Last nite i watch madagascar 2 wit bf,here's wat i'm wearin.he said,why do u dress up like that?fyi..he's wearing a cargo pants and flip flop..he's unpredictable.1 time he dress up another time he so casual..but thats fine dear.u always looks good ;P

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

all day long at GI

Today i went to GI wit anny n icen.Icen just got back from sing for holiday.So today we went out and do some shopping stuff,but anny didnt..curang!!wat i got is a studded belt from zara..i also heart d bling2 sling bag,but i didnt buy it.i'm not sure dat i'll wear it oftenly..but i take the pic!hehe.besides my parents and brothers are goin for a holiday,and i'm planning to request celine bag.i'm already save the pic..actually its the bigger size,i want d smaller one and i want d round metal in colours,not black..daddy pleaseee.... ^_^

Monday, December 22, 2008

wat happen!!

uhh..i've been uploading pictures to post my nu blog since last nite for several times..its always error!!wat happen ha????

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nu comer in d closet ^_^

Diz morning,me,fika and steph havin breakfast at Lamian Crystal Jade PI.Then steph want to see Mango which is on sale (up t0 70%) rite now..i almost buy a shoes..but they didnt have my size.huh..then at the special price section,i see a cute purple mini dress..actually its kinda too big..but thats fine..i can alter it.hehehe..
Finished from PI bf pick me at Steph house and takin me to MOI (Mall of Indonesia)..err.. actually its me who told him to go there.They had a very beautiful shiny x'mas tree..and i want to share the beautiful tree wit u guys..

Christmas gift from Oline

Last nite,i'm having a girls nite out (well there's 1 boy,he's my friend bf)..We're havin dinner at birdcage..the place and atmosphere was great..i like the music they played.but the food is average i think..then we also exchange x'mas gift.and Oline is the one who gave me!(i'll show our picture later).She gave the ting tings and love lounge CD plus a thong from topshop..I love all of them!!thx dear..

Friday, December 19, 2008

The christmas gift

Today after had an interview,i look for a christmas gift..I'm goin to exchange wit 2 group.1st is wit my college friends,and d 2nd is wit my childhood friends..I got a dress and nail polish 4 ay2 (she's at d 2nd group),then for isya i bought a dress and a cute slipper.Here they are!Tmrow is "d day" wit my college friends.I'll tell u another story bout it on sunday...Here are the gift!

The forgotten one..

Wow..its been a long time since the last one i do the baking stuff..on the early year i did made some cookies and sold them which i used the profit to buy cdma phone..he2..Actually baking is one of my hobby..But lately i'm so lazy and its being forgotten =P then today i decided to made some "lidah kucing" for my bf (its his fav),family,and my bff icen whom just got back from sing to holiday..well i can say dat its delicious!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Officialy as S.Si

yesteday is my graduation was held in ritz carlton..i had my make up by jeinita (u can see her work oftenly at gogirl magz) and i'm wearing my old kebaya..its bcoz i only had one..hehe..the longtorso is quite small since i gain more weight lately..hikss..fatty me..

Now its time for me to find a JOB!!!desperately seeking a job for this few months!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Batik by geulis

Today,as usual is d family dae..So me n family went to PI and had some lunch then window shopping..In front of Nautica,there's a lil booth (i think its temporary) selling batik items..Then i stop by and fall in love with some of their stuff.he2..So i got two items from the "sale section".Definitely worth it =) i also like another stuff there..but my parents not allowed me to buy it.they said it doesnt look good.but in my opinion IT IS!! hehe..but the end i dont buy it.Maybe later?? ;P

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wat i got today

Today i went to bazaar at citywalk sudirman..I bought a t bar shoes from nine west..Actually i'm confused between two shoes..The other is a suede with very high block heels.But i decided to buy the more applicable one..Then i accompany my friend to cut his hair at GI, while waiting i went to gaudi and get this thick-white legging..Ahh..i'm so happy wit my purchase today although its kinda unplanned expenses.hehe

Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Holidae is d last holidae..diz 3 days i really enjoyed my time wit my bf..and today is the last day..tmrow both of us hv to work again..I just got back from TA (so crowded!!) to watch Bolt..funny cartoon..while we wait for d muvie we had luch at pepper lunch..I ate chicken pepper rice and add some cheese..hehe...its so yummy..

I Love Twilight

I watched twilight last saturday..and i really love it..makes me fantasize about being like them..its ok if the mate is edward cullen.haha..its been quite long i didnt updating my blog again..i'm kinda lazy and lots of things to is still a holiday.yay!!me and bf is going to watch BOLT today...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

D Vinyl Legging

Today i went to Taman Anggrek wit ma fam..guess wat??one of my wish list,the leather legging is hanging at Zara..I've been to topshop its more expensive and no more size for me..My mum "insist" me to take it so i grab it.he2..actually i already bought a look alike one at Tanah Abang wit a very cheap price coz its wholesale.but the fabric is pretty different and legging is never out of date..So having couple of it dats fine rite??

Yummy Seafood

I spent my saturday nite by having a dinner at Pondok Pangandaran wit my BF..One of our fav date is trying nu restaurant.It's the second time i got back..We really love the crab is sooo delicious..Our menu are black pepper crab,ala pangandaran crab,fry squid,rica2 grill fish and beansprout..All of them is only cost 229 thousand rupiahs (include 1 rice,tea,and sambel cobek)..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

3D and Family Dae

Last nite i went to EX.I'm havin a double date,me n temmy wit Anny and his husband..We watched "journey to the center of the earth" in 3D,its quite fun..My bf laugh at me.He said i'm look ridiculous (same wit him =P ) well d main cast,brendan fraser is an expert in dat kind muvie i think..Same with "mummy" its about adventure and special effect..At d end of the muvie,his givin the atlantis book to his nephew,which probably there will be another next muvie..

Rite now, i just got back from a family dae,starts with dim sum with sum of my auntie from kalimantan then continued to senayan city..(while we're eatin dim sum at Sun City,me n my sis takin picture at the toilet.haha..I'm wearin the dress she made,but rite now she didnt design anything again coz she's workin as Max Mara store manager..Here is she..much thinnier than me..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friends boutique

yesterday i went to my friend (ay2) boutique at ITC mangdu..I told her to keep one of the clothes i like (its only 1 piece and i'm afraid other people will find it) and then i bring home some dresses to my mum..Well i think her business is goin well.Her sense of style is quite good.I'm one of her loyal customer..Dat girl makes me broke!Cosmo Girl borrowed her clothes for several time.When your clothes is being featured at teen magazine it'll help u a LOT..I'll show u guys her boutique and herself..I present u Ay2 one of my best friend!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where to buy toiletries

Today me n Anny went to Pasar Baru to buy some toiletries.In this place i can get those things cheaper than the mall..although i'm so lazy to go there.luckily Anny want to accompany me (thx dear)..U can find lots of wellknown beauty products brand..Dont worry they're not fake.I'm already ask my friend who worked at one of the brand..I bought loreal hair spa,serum,shampoo,johnson's almond body wash,and loreal hydrafresh moisturizer..This stock would be enough to next couple month.

Then when i get home,i get a surprise.A yummy puding!yippie!My bf sister celebrate her daughter 1 month here i am typing my blog and eating the puding..hmmm....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Wish List

My dear sis is buying me ELLE magazine UK version,and there's sumthin that catch my's the Chanel stocking..i think its really cool n unique and i never seen it in any shop yet..well my sis told me that i might find it at topshop since i cannot afford chanel =( my other splurge is the leather legging..its became the signature style for the olsens i think..i saw them wear it oftenly...Actually i already found it at topshop and there's only 4pieces left and no more "my size" i'm downloading it to admire it till i get those things..haha