Sunday, November 30, 2008

D Vinyl Legging

Today i went to Taman Anggrek wit ma fam..guess wat??one of my wish list,the leather legging is hanging at Zara..I've been to topshop its more expensive and no more size for me..My mum "insist" me to take it so i grab it.he2..actually i already bought a look alike one at Tanah Abang wit a very cheap price coz its wholesale.but the fabric is pretty different and legging is never out of date..So having couple of it dats fine rite??

Yummy Seafood

I spent my saturday nite by having a dinner at Pondok Pangandaran wit my BF..One of our fav date is trying nu restaurant.It's the second time i got back..We really love the crab is sooo delicious..Our menu are black pepper crab,ala pangandaran crab,fry squid,rica2 grill fish and beansprout..All of them is only cost 229 thousand rupiahs (include 1 rice,tea,and sambel cobek)..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

3D and Family Dae

Last nite i went to EX.I'm havin a double date,me n temmy wit Anny and his husband..We watched "journey to the center of the earth" in 3D,its quite fun..My bf laugh at me.He said i'm look ridiculous (same wit him =P ) well d main cast,brendan fraser is an expert in dat kind muvie i think..Same with "mummy" its about adventure and special effect..At d end of the muvie,his givin the atlantis book to his nephew,which probably there will be another next muvie..

Rite now, i just got back from a family dae,starts with dim sum with sum of my auntie from kalimantan then continued to senayan city..(while we're eatin dim sum at Sun City,me n my sis takin picture at the toilet.haha..I'm wearin the dress she made,but rite now she didnt design anything again coz she's workin as Max Mara store manager..Here is she..much thinnier than me..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friends boutique

yesterday i went to my friend (ay2) boutique at ITC mangdu..I told her to keep one of the clothes i like (its only 1 piece and i'm afraid other people will find it) and then i bring home some dresses to my mum..Well i think her business is goin well.Her sense of style is quite good.I'm one of her loyal customer..Dat girl makes me broke!Cosmo Girl borrowed her clothes for several time.When your clothes is being featured at teen magazine it'll help u a LOT..I'll show u guys her boutique and herself..I present u Ay2 one of my best friend!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where to buy toiletries

Today me n Anny went to Pasar Baru to buy some toiletries.In this place i can get those things cheaper than the mall..although i'm so lazy to go there.luckily Anny want to accompany me (thx dear)..U can find lots of wellknown beauty products brand..Dont worry they're not fake.I'm already ask my friend who worked at one of the brand..I bought loreal hair spa,serum,shampoo,johnson's almond body wash,and loreal hydrafresh moisturizer..This stock would be enough to next couple month.

Then when i get home,i get a surprise.A yummy puding!yippie!My bf sister celebrate her daughter 1 month here i am typing my blog and eating the puding..hmmm....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Wish List

My dear sis is buying me ELLE magazine UK version,and there's sumthin that catch my's the Chanel stocking..i think its really cool n unique and i never seen it in any shop yet..well my sis told me that i might find it at topshop since i cannot afford chanel =( my other splurge is the leather legging..its became the signature style for the olsens i think..i saw them wear it oftenly...Actually i already found it at topshop and there's only 4pieces left and no more "my size" i'm downloading it to admire it till i get those things..haha

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Family Dae

Today i'm soo lazy..after wake up from ma sleep i went downstairs,eat some toast and honey,then watch cartoon and oprah..After dat take a nap again!Then at 2pm my parents want to see bazaar at plaza indonesia,there's lots of beautiful shoes from nine west but unfortunately they dont hv my size anymore.hiks..But i bought a basic black sweater from marks and spencer..Zara is also on sale but i dont get enough time to search coz my dad bored and want to get out immediately..huff..hopefully i'll hv time to visit it again.hehe..

(i took pic in zara fitting room while my mom is tryin clothes ^_^)

We went to nu bumbu desa restaurant at cideng,the owner is gunawan the actor..and he's there,say hi to each nice of him..and the food is also tasty by the way

Saturday, November 22, 2008

To cheer me up

Yesterday i had an interview but unfortunately i didnt get the job.huff..I should be better next time.Then at nite i went to GI with ma pals Anny,Ay2 n Steph..We did the windowshopping.err..maybe not,coz Steph bought a nice cardigan at executive..And to cheer me up finally i bought my fav comics and teen vogue plus I'm also watching gossip girl 6 ep in a row (I'm quite left behind..)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bazaar at Ritz,PP

Last nite i went to GAP sale at Ritz,pacific place..Its kinda difficult for me to find stuff coz its messy.huhu..So i'm decided to help my dad looking for guess jeans with 38 size..Yes my daddy is "homer alike"haha.sorry dad..Anyway the sale is till 22 nov, if u want to buy hi brand item,i think celine bag is very worth it,and banana rep bikini is also cute..At the end,i didnt buy anything coz too tired searching clothes for my dad,bro's and nephews..But again my poor dad bought a wrong socks.Its for women!so he give it to me..U can see the socks and the jacket i bought to my brother.