Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tomorrow Land

The invitation

Put my eye on the right pic outerwear

fbudi dress, mango heart sling bag, asos boots, kandura ring
Monic - Grazia fashion director, Me and Pamela
Got invited to X S,M,L "Tomorrow Land" fashion show at Fairgrounds. The invitation is passport look alike.. When i received it, i can imagine there will be "going somewhere" scene =D

Luckily i arrived at the venue right on time. They open the show by announcing the best dress and then the show is starting. Surprisingly i thought the plane is only a decoration but the door slide is open and all the models are going down the stairs!!! Very cool!!!

They start with (mostly) whitey collection. I spotted lots of cool outerwear, and then the color start popping like blue, basic earth colors and polkadots print.. Very cute.. Oh and there are some effortlessly cool dress. When the models walk the runway i can see some front rower are taking pictures of it. Some of the collections already available at the stores. Go visit before you ran out of stocks ;)

ps: sorry for the low quality images, too much zooming i guess. Currently i'm saving some money to buy new camera. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

D'eyeko Premium Lashes is in J town!

Step by step
Eyelash adhesive (glue)

 Hi guys.. I wanna share about my new experience "playing" with eyelashes... Usually i only use fake eyelashes for special occassion. Until one day D'eyeko sent me these 4 beautiful premium lashes! I immediately know when i'm going to wear them..

My first attempt is using the natural volume one for a photo shoot with my colleague.. I can easily wear those lashes because the length is already fit my eyes and the eyelash adhesive (glue) is very sticky that it can hold for all day long! Moreover there's information about "How To" and The "Step by Step" images. The result is satisfying! It looked very natural, not too much but it adds some sparks in my eyes =D

And then the second attempt is today! I used the "Olga Lydia" lashes (name after an actress in Indonesia) to attend a fashion show. But since the show was held on night, I have to manage to look not over the top on the afternoon but i don't have much time between office hour and preparation to the show, that's why i decided to wear the Olga Lydia lashes which looked natural as well since the morninge. Again its very easy to apply, the adhesive won't make any messy coz the liquid is transparent and i still looked "normal" at the office.

Some colleagues compliment my eyelashes because D'eyeko lashes looks very natural, well no wonder since they're using a natural hair and 100% handmade that's why it feels softer and lighter not like other fake lashes who often to make your eyes itchy and not comfortable.

So if you guys wondering where to get D'eyeko Premium Lashes you can visit them at:
Facebook: Deyeko
Twitter: DeyekoID

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Always On

  This time I want to share you about my love and hate relationship with internet.. Yes internet.. I’ve tried several providers since my first time experience of having internet connection at home. The first one, well it’s often had a sudden drop connection while I’m browsing at online shop or uploading images for blog post. During that time i subscribed the postpaid one and the bill is quite expensive. Then I switch to another provider who offer unlimited internet access, but the fact in the middle of the month the connection has been very slow.

One day one of my colleague who loves to access internet and quite busy with her daily business call,  told me that I should try PAKETRI because by only paid IDR 75.000 she already got free 250 sms and free 25 mins phone call to different provider!  It’s very rare to get this kind of offer right?! Moreover I often to make a phone call in my daily activity and most of them to different provider which consume my credit =P

But the most interesting promotion is their “ Always On” offer.  What is always on? Well only by getting the TRI number once, your internet access will valid for a year! At another provider, you have to buy some credit every month to keep the number stay active because the validity will be over every month or because your quota was about to run out and make your connection really really slow. But if you buy PAKETRI, it wont happen.. You can relax because TRI number will valid for a long time (1 year) + the connection is fast!

So that’s why I’m using TRI right now, so far the connection has been quite stable. Psstt.. Each PAKETRI purchase, you’ll get free stylish earphone ;) So for those who fed up with their current provider, you are free to decide coz FREEDOM IS REAL =))

PAKETRI complete offer, pay IDR 75.000 gets:
-          1,25 GB
-          500 SMS with TRI user
-          250 SMS to other provider
-          100 mins phone call with TRI user
-          25 mins phone call to other provider
       Free Facebook, Chatting and 50 MB Quota

      But i suggest you for those who often using tablet or PC rather than smartphone, you can choose other PAKETRI products with bigger quota. Above package is more to smartphone user =))

More info click: