Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1.summer skirt - 35.000
2.curdoroy skirt - 50.000 (if i'm not mistaken,its from x s,m,l)

3.washed jeans skirt - 30.000 n white skirt - 30.000
5.short legging with lace - 15.000
6.x s,m,l scarf - 50.000
7.shirt from Bangkok - 15.000 SOLD
8.Shirt from Monik (Distro at Bandung) - 25.000 SOLD
9.Knit top from Mango - 40.000
10.Deep stripes - 20.000
11.Light blue from Mango - 40.000 (never worn)
12.Ethnic top - 25.000
13.Purple top from Mango - 60.000
14.Mustard ruffles - 40.000
15. Light pink from M phosis - 35.000
16.Greeny top from Mango - 45.000
17.Sabrina in pink - 55.000
18.Vintage shirt from x s,m,l - 45.000
19.Silky car from Zara - 45.000
20.Sheer black top from Gaudi - 40.000
21.Tango top from Guess - 50.000
22.Zara cardigan - 20.000 SOLD
23.Top from Zoomp - 50.000
24.Knit top from pdi (malaysia) - 40.000
25.Beige knit - 30.000
26.Summer top from Mango - 50.000
27.maroon top from Mango - 35.000
28.Vintage 2 from x s.m,l - 45.000

1.Email to to order and ask questions
2.Price is not include delivery cost

Happy shopping!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brightspot opening

Yurifa,Me and Lala.Dont u think they both so gorgeous?
One of my fav bloggers..who else..of course diana rikasari with her quirky cute style
I think its d 1st time Tasha D had a booth at i right?she looks pretty
YPO booth - sells all vintage worth to buy stuff
Super hectic crowd at d opening day
I still dunno what did they sells..
Havin late dinner with Steph and Lala at Sanpachi Ramen

Surprisingly i didnt bought anything from the opening day..decided to came back on friday and bought a flowy top from happy go lucky and semi hi waist pants from magic happens =D

Still curious with some brand and already got their name card for brosing..but my brain is also telling me dat i'm going broke if i cant manage my finance ='(

So in order to get side income, i'm planning to sell some of my stuff or baking cakes..

Its too late to apologize

On duty at Java Jazz for 3 whole days from 3 pm to 12 am...
At GRAZIA booth u'll find : free nail polish ( i had them twice =D ), ala cover pic, special performance (soulvibe, aditya, raisa, drew and matthew)...
Sneak a lil bit to watched : Mike's apartment, Maliq and Babyface...

Hopefully we'll have more exciting activity on next year