Friday, October 7, 2011

Coach F/W Collection

Grazia magazine had a media partner with Coach for their Fall Winter Collection at Plaza Senayan Boutique. Am not a big fan of Coach but there's a drawstring bag that caught my eyes and their previous collection with bloggers (not sure if its available in Indonesia) are quite impressive. Click here to get the flash back.


This is it ;)

Mens Collection

Color Chart
Cute bow flats
Iin & Monik - Grazia Fashion Editors
Vheney, Heidy, Carol (she's looks flawless + so tall!!) and Me

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Love Wool

Got an email from Molly - Fashion by Feelings in August (sorry for being so long to post this, am so busy with office thingy T_T). So, they had a campaign for Woolmark it's about style our outfits with wool. The aim is to educate people about wool as a natural and renewable fibre.. I've visited their website and it's so cuteee =) Your wool outfit describes your style, they have: unique, dark, playful, etc. So i decided to took some pictures of me wearing wool and I'm a dark.. What about you?