Monday, September 1, 2014

Get ready for the downs

Few months ago I had a big test in my relationship. We had a big fight and all i can think (during that time) is do i still want to do this (wedding)? Is he? I read, heard and saw friends, relatives said that during the wedding preparation there must be stuffs that will test our relationship, we both might argue a lot. He want it this way, I want it that way. And the worst thing is break up could be the decision. I already told myself since the day he proposed me. Ok gricia you have to ready because not only sweets but bitter experience is upon you and you got to ready to handle them because this is happens to all relationship. You can do this! But (not so) surprisingly i almost forgot the reminder i gave to myself.

At first we (bride to be) had butterflies in our stomach, can't stop smiling thinking about we're going to build a family with the man of our life. But sometimes we didn't prepared ourself to the obstacles that will come and go and come again during the journey to the big day. I just want to tell you all bride to be out there, when you had a big fight that might or almost "kill" your relationship, of course feel free to yelling, crying and pour your heart content to him but then take some time to really really think.. Why you said "i do" at the first? Think about reasons why you love him so much, think about why you want to spend the rest of your life with him, think about why you want him to be the father for your children. Those reasons will bring back your conscious and eventually you both will back to each other. That is true love. Hey so many things needs to be settled for the wedding right. So stand up and lets do this!!