Thursday, February 26, 2009

saddy day

rite now i felt sooo bluee..wat i'm doin rite now is online till my eyes getting tired so i can go to sleep without thinking the saddy things.. *sigh*...
hmm...anyway i've ordered a flats at wondershoe and alexander wang look alike boots at candyfeetish.cant wait to meet them soon..maybe they could cheer me up a lil bit..juz a little ='(

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bajoe Baroe

yellow mustard top - 50.000
Boho girl - 65.000
Jumpsuit - 110.000 (available in 2 colour,grey and black),bisa juga dijadiin celana..
price exclude delivery cost

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mini Dress

Dress available in 4 colour - 90.000,exclude delivery cost.

Todays preach

Title:The importance of making decision

Our future is flexible and its depend from the decision we made.How to make a good decision is by learning to see things.thats why perspective is very important.Coz we often to see things only from its surface,we need to dig its real value.
2 most importance in making decision is :
1. Control ur tongue (James/Yakobus 3:1-8),words from tongue is full of powerness,its just a lil part from our body but it could change our whole life,so starts to choose ur words wisely
2. Follow the Christ,follow means theres a having faith to God,pray, and decision to follow God will change our life..

By:Pastor Phillip Baker from Riverview Church,Perth,Australia at JPCC 22.02.09

Friday, February 20, 2009

lets meet..

for my dear blogger friends..i'm planning to go to this event..maybe if u also interested,us blogger could catch up here..please open:

2nd Chance

Extra cheap 2nd items..price exclude delivery cost.
1. Jeans jacket from Mango (M) - 50.000 (sold)
2. Empire look (M/L) - 30.000 (sold)
3. Army cropped jacket (S/M) - 25.000
4. Whitey cropped (S/M) - 30.000
5. Kill Bill in red from Mango (M) - 50.000 (sold)
6. Vintage dress (M) - 40.000 (sold)
7. Greeny sweater (M) - 20.000
8. Black shirt from Armani Exchange AX (S) - 30.000
9. Checks dress (M) - 30.000
10. Jeans skirt from Mango (38) - 40.000
email me at to order,ask questions,close up pics,etc..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gurls meeting

meet my gurls at PI last nite,had dinner at Pizza boutique and forgot to take pics of it..hehe..its quite delicious and lil bit pricy..we ate pisagne one of the recommended pizza (topping:like lasagna),2 fettucini with smoked beef (forgot d name),mushroom and 4 is:354K
Then we went to Periplus,i'm confuse between buy a chicklit novel or Elle UK magz..finally i decided to buy Remember Me novel by Sophie Kinsella coz its on 15% disc sale.hehe

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i love sundae

i love today bcoz:
1.had a very nice preach at JPCC church...
2.All day long wit my dearest boyfriend Temmy.
3.Meet my girlfriends,one of them treat us at Fish n Co EX
4.Relaxing my feet by havin a reflexiology wit my bf for an hour
5.Dinner at Pancious and havin a very yummy spaghetti smoked beef +coco berry pancake (i'm collecting stamps here so i can b d member.he2..needs 3 stamp,and rite now its already 2)


me and bf dont celebrate dat day..but still i made a chocolate pudding for him..hehe..last nite we went to GI for dinner..unfortunately dat mall was very very very crowded..every single restaurant is on waiting list..and its a long one...after looking for about half an hour,bf decided to buy a bread at breadtalk first coz he's starving..poor him..hehe..finally we both ended at Han Gang Korean food..and its not really flattering..maybe our tongue dont really match wit korean food..btw GI is havin food festival most of the rest gives 25/50% disc thru lucky dip..

Friday, February 13, 2009

new legging

hi legging baru nih..available in 5,shocking pink,dark green,dark blue and chocolate..d bag samping legging ada kerutnya..price:70rb,exclude delivery cost
(as shown:black and dark blue)

DIY project

todays i had nothin to do so decided to try some DIY they are,a girly shawl,and err.. of the necklace was inspired by diana rikasari (hot chocolate and mint blog)...o yeah,dont judge me please..i know its not dat good.hahaha

Thursday, February 12, 2009

yay!i've got an award from april..thx dear..
visit her blog at

blocks legging

available in 3 colours...price:70rb,exclude delivery cost

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


me and friend went to zara,and dis are wat i got..actually i already put my eye on the skirt from couple weeks ago,on the other hand the metallic legging is a coincidence purchase..saw it on cashier table ;P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


my sis just gave me 5 belts..yes..5..she knew dat i'm rarely buy this here they are.thx sis..

Monday, February 9, 2009

meet my girls

yesterday went to GI,one of my bff stephanie treat us at NYDC..i already post d gift..necklace from forever 21 plus diy charles and keith voucher worth 400thou..charles and keith is on sale..and i bought a black patent flats coz mine left half pair,the other disappear.freakin weird..i think bobby d wild dog in my neighborhood took it..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Special dinner

places dat u might try to..either wit ur lover or friends..feel d atmosphere..nice one...
1st pic:segarra at ancol-i think d food not so good,so if u want to come here,i suggest only for drink some cocktail..but for atmosphere,its perfect!
2nd pic:buddha bar at menteng-never been there b4..but i will!!curious...
3rd pic:birdcage at wijaya-food average,atmosphere quite nice..wat i like most is the music they played
4th pic:pure-perfect view from 35th floor wit spinning floor..(ehmm..i had my 2nd anniv here )

Thursday, February 5, 2009

spread d love

here're some stuff dat might become ur inspiration as a valentine gift..from sweet to naughty it...all from