Sunday, February 22, 2009

Todays preach

Title:The importance of making decision

Our future is flexible and its depend from the decision we made.How to make a good decision is by learning to see things.thats why perspective is very important.Coz we often to see things only from its surface,we need to dig its real value.
2 most importance in making decision is :
1. Control ur tongue (James/Yakobus 3:1-8),words from tongue is full of powerness,its just a lil part from our body but it could change our whole life,so starts to choose ur words wisely
2. Follow the Christ,follow means theres a having faith to God,pray, and decision to follow God will change our life..

By:Pastor Phillip Baker from Riverview Church,Perth,Australia at JPCC 22.02.09

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