Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What to wear

As i promised, here are several inspiration for what to wear on Valentine's day whether you want a sexy, feminine or playful look. Affordable options and no pink! ;P

Apricot slim ruffle dress
Cable knit pullover sweater
Sequin midi skirt
Lace mini dress
Sleveless sequined a line sundress
Polkadot bodycon dress

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For Him

 The stylish
Chambray Shirt with Flap Pocket $ 19
Premio Chukka Boots $ 33.12

The Sporty
Muaythai Pad $ 41.3

Sports & Sleep Tracking Tool $ 42.9

The Casual
Generation 27 Swatch $ 63
Eastham Sneakers $ 65.52

The Nerdy
Astro Frames Glasses $ 36
Binoculars Cellphone Teleschope $ 36
Some valentine / birhtday gifts inspiration for your loved one based on his personality. Best part, most of them are not expensive so you can still shop for your special dinner outfit ;D

Next post will be our essential. Some inspo of what to wear for the V Day =)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Karl Karl Karl

To all Karl lovers! Hold your breath because i'm going to share Karl Lagerfeld watch line. The man who is considered as fashion guru by most of us just proven that he never fail! Below are my favorite styles from the collection =')
Karl Pop
Karl Chain
Karl Energy
Karl 7 Classic
Karl Perspektive
Karl Kourbe
Karl Zip
Karl Keeper
Karl X Tokidoki
OMG. His signature ponytail! Haha..
These tough styles are just exactly how i want a watch to be. Not so girly, unique, versatile and edgy. Must have item! Gladly you can find them at Urban Icon stores at several big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, etc or the easier way and my favorite shopping option, online shop. Yup Urban Icon is now Karled!

More infos contact Urban Icon at Facebook or Twitter

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hi 2014

Chlorine top&skirt, Mango sling bag, Jeffrey Campbell transparent heels, Julie Rochili skull breacelet
Hi.. I'm back. First of all i would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! Last December I'm lack of post because its a freaking busy month.. Big event at work, Engagement & Christmas... But if you follow my instagram you might already know what happened last month. Usually instagram will sum up my life report. Haha.. For this post i'm wearing matchy matchy cropped top and skirt from Chlorine. I suggest you to have at least 1 color of their signature Sally Skirt. Besides this one, i also have red and black sally skirt with different length. Great things about it is you can custom the color / pattern, waist size & skirt length. Very personal =) I bet you already saw several famous bloggers wearing Chlorine such as Anastasia Siantar, Cindy Karmoko and Veren Lee ;)

So talking about this new year, i haven't write down my resolution yet but already had several in my head. Excited! 2014 is going to be one of the most precious year in my life. Yes yes there will be a wedding on September. Wish me luck with all those preparation and of course like people said when you are going to have a wedding you will have lots of fights with your partner... O ow... But i'm too happy and really enjoying the process. Pray for me will ya? =))