Monday, January 30, 2012

A delicious warmth

Typhoon Bloom - Outback Special - Dessert
Arnold Teja, Me, Michelle Hendra, Ario Achda
With fellow bloggers, other media, Mba Seli & Mr. Dilip from Outback
Arnold's quirky style
Michelle's skinned hair, Ario's Versace for H&M tee!

Knit dress from Somerville, Soubrette necklace, Topshop tights, Asos booth
I attend Outback Steakhouse bloggers / media gathering 2 weeks ago, they want to introduce their delicious menu to us and we can order anything we want wohoo!!! I decided to try their Outback Special (tried medium well) and for the side dish you can choose between baked potato, mashed potato or french fries. Lots of option right?! This is not the first time i went here, so i already know how good they are! Too bad there's only few bloggers who can make it. Well at least i can still had some chat with Arnold, Ario and Michelle. It's always fun to meet the blogosphere friends =))

Special thanks to Mba Seli and Mr. Dilip from Outback for the lunch treat.. Can't wait to use the voucher immediately!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Knit outerwear - thrifted, inner dress - x s,m,l, tights - gaudi, flats - charles & keith, necklace - gift from Dad, gucci bag
Took this outfit photos last month when most of the time is raining. Anyway, hows your long weekend? I had a great Chinese New Year Celebration, I just eat and eat, last night I had Dim Sum for Supper with my bff! So starting today i gotta back to the real life aka dieting! =P

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dragon Year

Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate!!! For me, it's the time to meet all relatives, having nice meal and snacks plus grab some "Red Envelope" aka Angpao! Hahaha.. Well i'm getting older now, kinda embarassing to accept the Angpao. But the tradition is if you haven't get married yet you will still get em. Hehe.. But this is my first year to give Angpao to my parents.. And they accept it happily =')

So, as i promise i'm going to announce the OJA'S NECKLACE GIVEAWAY WINNER is:

Congrats girl... Do wait for my email ;)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Katy Perry's crowd

with Arnold - always adore his style
Dressin up like Katy Perry in TGIF
Sweetie pie =)
She's a Katy Cats!
So cool eh?!

Cutest couple of the night

With the team
Let me say this first.. No, I didn't watched Katy Perry's concert in Jakarta.. But the magazine where i work at is one of their media partner, so we opened a photo booth with California Gurls concept and my ID can't be used to enter the show T_T  It's a very exhausting day but luckily i got the chance to snap some pictures.. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breakthrough in 2012

So, we are still in early 2012, still have a lot of chance and time to chase our goal. That's why i want to share my thought about a person that i think is the right example when we are talking about goals and dreams. Yep, you've seen the pictures right?! It's Agnes Monica.

She's at the same age with me, but I gotta say this woman got nerve!! I decided to chose her as my 2012 role model when I heard that she is now the new ambassador for CLEAR. Remember the cool party BLACK AREA by CLEAR? The one that happened during Djakarta Warehose Project? Now CLEAR has just introduced her there. One grand introduction if you ask me.

The event itself was so cool. I didn’t attend it, but I read about it in Chekka’s, Cindy’s and Ario’s blog and I really sorry I missed the party. Everybody there was wearing black and they all looked so stylish. I also read in Fashionese Daily that there was also hair styling booth by CLEAR. It’s very unique, I think. And the fact that they did it during the most anticipated party in town, Djakarta Warehouse Project? Super cool…
As for Agnes Monica, no wonder she's been chosen, she got the whole package that CLEAR wants – Beside healthy hair, Style, Breakthrough and Music! It's a huge launch ya'll. See the digital wall they build right? Ubercool!!! Well you gotta do big to get youngster attention eh?! And they surely got mine. haha

What I saw from her, she has a huge will to make her music career really happens, a massive hard worker to make a breakthrough (just saw every performance she had) and of course her style transformation is one thing that most of us waiting for. I can write this things coz i'm following her twitter =D in the middle of the night when we're in our blanket, she's practicing, when we are relaxing on weekend, she's at the gym. All her hard work really paid of. This woman got my attention, especially when she's tweeting with Timbaland (omaygah!) and Siwonoppa from Super Junior (faint!). Hahaha... She's going big. Just wait and see...

So from what I wrote above, you know that she is very creative, innovative and hardworker. She doesn’t wait for things to happen to her, but she works for it. And that is how I see CLEAR build its brand image. Creative and innovative. So I really believe that both Agnes and CLEAR made the right decision to be in the same vision and both of them will be supporting each other as they really share the same valueMUSIC, STYLE and BREAKTHROUGH.

So..are you guys ready facing 2012? Whatever your goal is, get a job, want to be promoted, getting married, get a boyfriend, and so on.. Remember to do it with your heart, hardwork and style of course =D Hopefully all of you will be inspired by Agnes Monica just like she did to me. Fighting!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

OJA giveaway

Courtesy of Oja Crafts

Finally my 2nd giveaway! Like previous one, this time i'm still supporting our local brand. Let me introduce you to Oja Crafts, a hand made accessories by Ni Luh Wayan Ayu. I'm lucky that i had the chance to know her before she resigned from the office (she used to be my office mate). Right now she's concentrating in her latest project called FIGHT PLASTIC WITH PLASTIC. A very cool project! Click here to find more about it. But this time the giveaway is Oja's necklace!

For 1 lucky winner, WIN the chance to grab Oja's edgy necklace. You can choose which model you want plus you can custom made the color*!!! For me i chose "Taste in Men" collection. Here's how to join this giveaway:
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Winner will be announce on 23rd January 2011! This giveaway only for Indonesia citizen. Good luck guys =))

 * Based on available stock and material