Friday, February 26, 2010

GRAZIA Day at POSTE 25.02.10

Our 1st come group is Surabaya readers, we so happy dat they flew from Sby to attend GRAZIA Day
The 2nd group is very stylish as well, no 2 from the left is out best dress..Dresscode of the day is Chic in Nude..Most of them are working in fash industry..nice!
While the 3rd group is came with their glamour style.really2 dress up!!!and of course GRAZIA team happy with that...Thanks guys!
GRAZIA Day winners with their goodie bags from GRAZIA and Makarizo
Last but not least, the GRAZIA TEAM!! Wohooo!!!well its only half of them..hehe..
From left : Ayu-Fash Editor, Tika-Promotion,Gina-Account Executive,Me-Marketing,Rifa-Account Executive
beanie hat - from bangkok, nefertiti necklace, sister's cardigan, unbranded white tank,
shinny grey legging from Zara, silver heels with zipper from charles and keith

Follow GRAZIA twitter @graziaindonesia..Lots of quizzes and newest updates u dont want to missed..And dont forget to buy GRAZIA March edition on Monday key! ;)


Attended tribute to friends event, cant see anythin coz its too dark..well its bcoz i went there around 7.30pm while its already begin since i end up with nothin but planned to had a custom made cropped top from sister brain and my besties got a stripe top from Sash...

ps:i hate my pic..those bangs cover the face too much..but its the only pic i had T_T

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My bf just finished renovate his house so i congrats him with this choc filled with red velvet cupcakes
And these are valentine's day cupcakes that i gave to my brothers and besties..they're cookies and cream cupcakes..

If u guys interested with them u can visit HERE to see Ayu's creation

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Save ur money for this one

I missed the first one T__T hopefully i wont miss this one *crossing finger*

Apparently new hair cut does means a broken heart

2nd Blogger Meet Up

Me and the young fashion bloggers ;P
Dina from B'Girl, Moi and Febrina
Duo Michelle in action! =D
ps:they both had a great fashion sense!
With Michelle the EO for blogger meet up..thanks dear!
Lalita and Me
Me and Talisha..
U had a great eyes, great shoes, great bag,great etc ;P
Really loves this cute girl..I'll find out ur blog dear..u're so adorable with ur huge camera.haha
Details from Febrina...Cool rite? Michelle also had a great details but unfortunately the picture result is kinda crap coz i'm taking it with mobile phone

To all bloggers who attend d meet up..please drop comment of ur blog name if u're not in my local blog roll..I'm gonna link ya'll...See ya at others meet up!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Siblings minus sister

Hammer shirt, Iconia necklace, mum's vintage snake print skirt, Mango sling heart bag, M phosis flats
My 1st brother
My 2nd brother
Me with goodie bag from B Girl girls while i'm attending the 2nd blogger meet up (pictures will be uploaded later)

Let me introduce you PAX ET LUX

My new baby - it can worn as long necklace, choker, chunky bracelet and even as a bag keychain!!
This one look similiar with mine but with different colour tone
As a keychain - brilliant idea right?

This one is DAMN COOL!!!

Behind this brand is a young and talented girl named Silvya..Plus she also GRAZIA Fashion and Beauty Editor ^__^If u guys interested with this art work u can find her at 0813 999 28 666...Happy shopping guys!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Easy Chic Weekend - 30.01.10

The whole GRAZIA crew (well not that whole..)
Want some????
Then u should know Ayu, baker and also rocker at d same time ;)
Me and Ayu...Finally we meet in person yha Yu..

ps:visit Ayu blog at and i'm sure u'll crawling after saw her creation coz dats what happened to me =D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The (Not just an ordinary) birthday girl - 30.01.10

Me and Lala my office mate at Miele Kitchen, Soho..This girl has a serious fashion sense ya'll!!She looks so pretty with her maxi floral dress dat nite

Special sitting arrangement by the host, the flowers and candles are beautiful!love it..
Enjoying home made ice tea - the recommended beverage by Lala Bf
Bf Dessert - Chocolate Heaven
Mine - yummy banana tart..
Us with our dresscode for d nite - floral dress / hawaiian
Its a wrap..time to go home..
Special thanks to our lovely host ^__^

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surprise Surprise

She's havin bday on 29th jan we went to mousche salon to gave her surprise.We told the receptionist to gave her d video we made.As u can see dat we made it!she's crying..and so are we ^__^ one of my best moment
Me checking the video and found out dat Isya (besides me,the one who edited the video and pics) forgot to put me in the pictures layout ='( She felt guilty thou.. but i'm not mad coz at least i'm in d video.hehe