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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Massicot necklace, Bracelet bought at Inacraft, Ring bought at Manado
Cotton ink sleveless top, DIY jeans jacket (Temmy's - my husband), Pull & Bear jeans, Nike sneaker wedges
When i was in college, DIY is one of my hobby but nowadays i rarely do it anymore. One day when my husband show this jeans jacket, eventhough its too big for me i decided to cut the long sleeves and i love how it turns out.. The shoulder part like giving a structured look and its quite crop actually, make it more fashionable ;) anyway i'm thinking to dye my hair hopefully i can show my new hair color by next week. Target: before Bali trip at April =D yep will be back to Bali after quite some time with my girls.. Can't wait!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Visited Arte Indonesia with bf, an exhibition of Indonesia industrial art particularly in visual art, music craft and performance art. It's fun visiting this kind of event sometimes, besides going out to malls all the time =P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neighbor's sweets

Hi guys.. as i promised before, here are some stuff that i got during my trip to Singapore with my family last December =))
1. Rings bought at Scape outdoor bazaar. Located right next to Cineleisure.
2. Polkadot coat bought at Becky Berry, Cineleisure. One my favorite boutique in Singapore. You can find edgy and vintage items here. Love it!
3. Jeffrey Campbell transparent heels bought at P.V.S, Cineleisure. Crazy in love!! Definitely will visit P.V.S back and btw they provide Dr. Martens as well ;)

Some of you who followed my twitter might know that i'm a bubble tea fan. I found this brand called Artease at Cineleisure and instantly in love with their tea *nom nom. Take a visit if you love bubble tea like me <3 font="">

Friday, August 24, 2012

Make it short

attempt to style like a gangsta but failed. haha

Denim top from Cineleisure, Skirt from Zara, Vintage Converse bought at BKK

Hi guysss.. This lazy pig is back =D Soo.. after quite some time, i finally had an outfit post.. Since i handle 2 big brands in the place i worked, everyday being a very busy day... And when it comes to weekend i only want to take some rest.. Apology taken? hehe..

Btw this is my first post with my new hair. yippie!! Just had a hair cut a week ago at One Piece with Kyosuke my favorite hair stylist.. I love it coz its very easy to take care, the olive color is also what i've wanted since last year.. So what do you think? pro or contra? I had both haha.. But that's ok as long as the owner a.k.a me love it! ;P

So for those who's stayin in Indonesia, hows ur holiday? after couple years always spent it abroad, this year my family decided to stay in Jakarta. The traffic is very "friendly" isn't it? I went to several places and able to reach them within a short time. Heavennn....

Well catch ya later! *smooocchhhhhh

Monday, May 14, 2012

Show some DIGNITY

sorry for being too lazy to photoshop the messy hair and the pimple. Hehe

DignityCloth Tee, Forever 21 leather shorts, Mango suspender, Asos booth, Kandura diamond ring, Vintage hat
I won Hippie Gone Mad aka Cindy Karmoko's giveaway last month. Lucky me she had 3 prizes and i got the second prize right after Arnold who got the 1st prize, my highlight would be the Marni scarf ;P I got Her - CK Traveling Spray (the packaging is so cute. I wish i could refill it!) and DignityCloth Tee..  Fall in love with the Diamond print and its very comfy as well! Been looking for this kind of tee for quite some time =))

I consider this winning as my early birthday gift. Hahaha. Thanks Cindy!! Mucho LOVE for ya!

Monday, April 9, 2012


mind the towel ;P
I do realize that the pose is kinda awkward.. But still post it thou =D

vintage dress, earring from mazzee, x sml heels
Finally.. Outfit post ^__^ I got this vintage dress by (semi) barter'ing it with my colleague, Pamela. This is her mom's dress, gorgeous right?! I can imagine maybe around 20 years ago, this is one of her favourite dress and she wear it while having a special date with Pamela's dad at a park talking about future. Hahaha =D

I still got another vintage dress ex Pamela's mum as well, but i have to alter it first.. Actually this dress is also a little bit big to me, but wat the heck i want to wear the dress right now! Haha..