Monday, April 9, 2012


mind the towel ;P
I do realize that the pose is kinda awkward.. But still post it thou =D

vintage dress, earring from mazzee, x sml heels
Finally.. Outfit post ^__^ I got this vintage dress by (semi) barter'ing it with my colleague, Pamela. This is her mom's dress, gorgeous right?! I can imagine maybe around 20 years ago, this is one of her favourite dress and she wear it while having a special date with Pamela's dad at a park talking about future. Hahaha =D

I still got another vintage dress ex Pamela's mum as well, but i have to alter it first.. Actually this dress is also a little bit big to me, but wat the heck i want to wear the dress right now! Haha..


M said...

so, did you wear it for a special date with your bf at a romantic park talking about future ? hihi..
you look gorgeous, griz !
i love your hair and earrings ;)
mwah :* :*

Ioana-Carmen said...

This is so sweet! I will be so happy if you want to follow each other! What do u say? Kisses

Gricia (Cia) said...

@M: unfortunately i'm not! hahaha
@loana: thanks dear :)

sabrina maida said...

ka ciaaaaaa kece banget !! love your dress i will email asap :D