Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fame Agenda Show

"The Donkey Skin" collection

See that cute bag? with the real gold fish in it!
<3 this!

"Lovers of War" collection

Favourite pieces
Finale with the designer
 The show's souvenir - polaroid + Fame Agenda notebook

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway

Cindy Karmoko aka "Hippie Gone Mad" blog owner
1st winner will get 1 marnixH&M scarf, 1 faketattoo by, 1 DIGNITYcloth tee
2nd Winner: 1 DIGNITYcloth tee and 1 CK shock perfume(1st winner will choose 1)
3rd Winner: A scarf that she bought from Paris :)
 Guys.. i do believe that some of you may heard this already but for those who's not, well Cindy Karmoko the creator of Hippie Gone Mad blog is throwing a birthday giveaway!

Above is the AWESOME gifts. She's not choosing one but 3 winners! So if any of you want to join this giveaway, CLICK HERE coz you still got the chance to submit your entry. This giveaway is open worldwide until 21 April 2012! Quick Quick Quick!!!

Btw i also joined! Haha.. I'm drooling over the MarnixH&M scarf and the Dignity tee as well!! Well i think i deserve to win one of this giveaway because next month is my birthday! and this would be a perfect gift. hehehe... =D

Since she's going to pick 3 winners, what are you waiting for, go visit her blog and join the giveaway! LOL

*All photos are courtesy of Hippie Gone Mad

Sunday, April 15, 2012

May & June

Last Thursday, I went to two of Fashion Nation shows, a yearly event held by Senayan City. The first show that i watched is May & June, the second line of Alleira. Maybe some of you already known that Alleira famous with its Batik collection.

For their second line May & June, the style is more playful. The show is divided to 3 sequences: Cherry Blossom, Lady in the Water and Burlesque. My favorite would be the "Lady in the water" coz its so dreamy and pretty =)

If you interested with this collection, you can visit their store at Senayan City 2nd Level, right beside Alleira store.

I'll share the 2nd show in my next post. Its from Fame Agenda an Australia based brand. Do wait for it! =*

Monday, April 9, 2012


mind the towel ;P
I do realize that the pose is kinda awkward.. But still post it thou =D

vintage dress, earring from mazzee, x sml heels
Finally.. Outfit post ^__^ I got this vintage dress by (semi) barter'ing it with my colleague, Pamela. This is her mom's dress, gorgeous right?! I can imagine maybe around 20 years ago, this is one of her favourite dress and she wear it while having a special date with Pamela's dad at a park talking about future. Hahaha =D

I still got another vintage dress ex Pamela's mum as well, but i have to alter it first.. Actually this dress is also a little bit big to me, but wat the heck i want to wear the dress right now! Haha..