Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joy night

Vintage dress - bought at Sing, Croco bag by Lumica, X SML peep toe heels
i want her studded headband
she reminds me with agyness, so cool..
my most favourite look of the night, such a beautiful dress
Me, Pamela - my office mate and her friend - Linda
Pamela is drooling all over this "Sexy Butler"
Entertainer of the night - "The Bath Boy"
The closing - dance all night long + free flow

Last night i attend Joy magazine launching party at Bistro Boulevard (ex. Buddha Bar), a license magazine from Germany. I can say that the party is quite hip.. why?
1. Dominic Lau from E News Asia as MC
2. Some local celebrities and socialites as the host
3. The drink mixer (barista) came from Sweden and its a free flow party
4. The entertainer is called "the bath boy" - he dance and did some acrobatics move at the bath tub that filled with water haha..
5. They named the butler - " sexy butler" coz they passing the cocktail with six pack
6. The doorprize - 2 ticket to Munich!

I found some interesting looks there so i took some snap. Best look of the night (for me) is the woman at number 4 picture. Love her dress so muchhh!!! Anyway Andien (the singer) also looks great with her vintage dress (didn't get the chance to took her pic) but she's kinda not following the dresscode -> trendy, sexy and stylish ;P

Which one is ur favourite?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIB - Woman In Black

Nikicio dress, Necklace - gift from bro's gf, Puma watch, Muji socks, Custom made boots
photographed by Pamela, my office mate

Taking pictures at office area..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loosen up (error font)

AMUBA necklace, loose top - Somerville, asymmetrical skirt - topshop, wedges - iwearUP

This is my yesterday's outfit, 1 of the advantage working in media is you don't have to wear a formal clothes eventhou in some occasion we still do.

About the outfit, I owned this skirt since in junior hi, quite long eh? and the wedges! Thanks to Diana who kind enough to gave me this Red Stella as my birthday and giveaway gift. It's very comfortable You don't feel like you are wearing heels.

My boss asked me, why I'm wearing terong (eggplant) as a necklace -__-"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday outfit

Batik dress made by Chlorine

shoulder detail
outer detail
somehow i like this blur picture

First trial using the tripod (bday gift from my sister), i'm not satisfied with the result. Still have to find the right spot, it's kinda difficult coz my room space is not so big but it's the most personal space in the house.. Hopefully by time, practice will makes me perfect well at least better =)

Btw have a nice weekend.. Yay!!!