Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loosen up (error font)

AMUBA necklace, loose top - Somerville, asymmetrical skirt - topshop, wedges - iwearUP

This is my yesterday's outfit, 1 of the advantage working in media is you don't have to wear a formal clothes eventhou in some occasion we still do.

About the outfit, I owned this skirt since in junior hi, quite long eh? and the wedges! Thanks to Diana who kind enough to gave me this Red Stella as my birthday and giveaway gift. It's very comfortable You don't feel like you are wearing heels.

My boss asked me, why I'm wearing terong (eggplant) as a necklace -__-"

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michelle_ said...

hahahah terong - - ' kek nya itu jauh dari bentuk terong deh.. i love your skirt by the way !

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