Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unconditional Love

artwork by Monica Loe
Yesterday is the day where i turned to 26 y.o =) Feel blessed and grateful because lots of sweet wishes fillin my twitter, facebook and bbm for the whole day. I would like to thank GOD for giving me health, a great partner - Temmy, a loving family, the sweetest girlfriends and a sweet journey as a blogger =')

Above is an artwork by Monica Loe, my high school friend who is very unique, edgy and talented in making DIY and editing. I accidentally found this when i did my blog walking to her's and at first i'm confused coz her blog post title is my name, Gricia Effendi. So i read thru the post and almost drop my tears in front of my office computer. Haha.. Thanks a lot Monic.. It is one of the best gift i got. Visit the post HERE!

Talking about birthday, of course there will be some cool gifts from my siblings and friends haha.. All of them are still on the way cause most of my wish list are from the online shops. Hehe.. Will share em when they arrived ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Show some DIGNITY

sorry for being too lazy to photoshop the messy hair and the pimple. Hehe

DignityCloth Tee, Forever 21 leather shorts, Mango suspender, Asos booth, Kandura diamond ring, Vintage hat
I won Hippie Gone Mad aka Cindy Karmoko's giveaway last month. Lucky me she had 3 prizes and i got the second prize right after Arnold who got the 1st prize, my highlight would be the Marni scarf ;P I got Her - CK Traveling Spray (the packaging is so cute. I wish i could refill it!) and DignityCloth Tee..  Fall in love with the Diamond print and its very comfy as well! Been looking for this kind of tee for quite some time =))

I consider this winning as my early birthday gift. Hahaha. Thanks Cindy!! Mucho LOVE for ya!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Launch of NOIR

NOIR 1st Collection

NOIR launch at Plaza Indonesia

NOIR store ambience - minimalist yet warm
Laurent from X S,M,L
Gorgeous guest
Ms. Dewi Utari, fierce as usual =)

Few weeks ago, i got invited by X S,M,L to attend their new store launch called NOIR at Plaza Indonesia. NOIR is their first exclusive women's fashion line. The launch was very crowded and the guests are excited to see it first. The essence of NOIR are edginess and timelessness with highlighting a sharp silhouette, ornate designs, soft and lustrous fabrics.

Most of the collection dominates with white and black colour, my favourite would be the silk top combine with transparent fabric (pic no 3 left), only by seeing it i know that it is very comfy like a sleepwear but you'll look expensive at the same time ;D

Do visit NOIR, right beside X S,M,L new store at Plaza Indonesia 1st Level, find some fine outfit there and pick an item as an investment for your timeless wardrobe ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

She is Maestro

I always admire women with the combination between beauty and talents. You know some of women out there are too busy with their outer look and rely more on it than their brain. Ups! ;D I found this combo perfection at Mia Maestro. Have you heard this name before?  If never, take a little time to read this post ;) I’m interested to share about her coz she really knows what she wants and she good at it.

Mia Maestro is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her screen debut is in Tango, which received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for best foreign film (such a good start btw). She’s been acting at some tv series (Alias, Cutthroat), films (Summer Trilogy, Poseidon, etc) and even the off-Broadway musical play.  Her role as 'Lulu' in Pandora's Box at the San Martin Theater in her hometown Buenos Aires has won ACE Award as Best New Artist of the Year. But for me and maybe most of us, the most easily way to identified her acting is when she’s been cast as Carmen of the Denali Coven in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2! Only by seeing the list of the titles it’s not surprising when she said “I always choose a character with mystery element  in it and trying not too overly open and gives  everything. I think every woman has  an attractive capability, it’s only about how to show it at the right situation”

But wait a minute, it turns out she’s not only into acting but music as well! Man.. this woman is something huh. No guys she’s not only a singer but also a song writer. While writing this I’m starting to envy her. Hahaha… She has collaborated with the UK band Faithless singing 'Love Is My Condition' on their album The Dance. You might not realize that there is Mia’s voice at “Llovera” in Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 soundtrack.. 

Finally after her long list of her achievements, she he had been released her solo album called The Igloo. The inspiration for this album is very private and also affected by her feelings, experiences, important moments in her life, nature and specific places. I’ve heard her song and her voice is very light, dreamy, calming and mysterious.

Wow.. I think its about matter of time to see her as a brand ambassador, designer’s muse and so on.. You should see her photos at Google Image, lots of gorgeous pictures! She’s a classic beauty. I hope by sharing about Mia Maestro story, all of us will be inspired and starting to not only think about the outer look but also how to encourage our self to live passionately and utilize our talent(s) as much as we can. The sky is your limit! Enough said guys, to solve your curiosity go visit to read her biography, listen to her newest song and even a photo application for you to play with. Enjoy!

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