Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanks for long weekend

i like diz picture.hihihi
how i miss thrifting so much... (the bag is from a thrift store)

loose sheer top:mango ; bone print shawl:x s,m,l ; semi latex legging:tanah abang ; bag:thrift store at bangkok ; ankle wit peep toe boots:candyfeetish ; brown necklace at d bag:manado, watch : puma - gift fom sister
ahhh..i'm so satisfied wit this long and bf spend all day long together for d last two days ^O^ today we went to EX to watched New Moon..and i think d movie is COOL..dunno why some people think its not dat good..hmm....and then we had dinner at jimbaran wit my brothers,too bad d food is quite disappointing..After dat we just sit in d living room chat for a while,watch TV,then he's playin psp,i read comic...haha...even though we did our own thing but still for me its a precious moment where i know dat i can hold his hand,see his smile. whenever i want .okay am i getting "lebay" rite now?hahaha...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Traffic Jam all over Jakarta!

Last nite went to T-Rex for much fun!!My friend told me why me and bf had the same look today..punk!hehe..the red line is his black leather jacket and my black boots from candyfeetish..Love it!i'll have another pic wit the boots next time yha.hehe


Hoaa..Finally its done!!All the hardwork..Anger,Almost tears, and Fun had paid on November 20th '09..GRAZIA was launched in the closing party of Jakarta Fashion Week 2009.Here are some pics dat i got while i'm working and sneaking to take a chit chat wit some friends..Anyway i also invited some fashion blogger..its really nice i be able to meet them in a person..Diana Rikasari, Heidy, Michelle, and Nina.Special thanks to heidy (fashion-maverick) for d pic..

Grab GRAZIA Indonesia 1st edition at ur nearest book store!Ciao!

Saturday, November 14, 2009