Friday, March 30, 2012

Take a peek

Ms. Santi Turino, Revlon Brand Manager introducing Susan Vargas
Product display to try on
One of the upcoming collection
Every Revlon palette gives tutorial of "how to" at the back
I call this the "smart" eyeliner
Susan applying make up to Mada, beauty blogger
Result of Susan Vargas make over to Carissa Putri
Couple weeks ago, Revlon invited me to their office to get a sneak preview for their newest collection. They invited some bloggers to met with Susan Vargas , Revlon Beauty Expert from Australia. She demonstrate the function of each product by make up'ing Carissa Putri, Revlon's Indonesia Ambassador.

Susan show us how to put the effortless day look and how to transform it to night look by only adding few touch up. I wont share the detail of each product but for now take a peek thru above pictures... The launch will be in 2nd semester. So be patient, coz i bet you will love this collection! I already put some notes of which product i should get ^__^

For more info about Revlon's product, follow their twitter @RevlonID

Friday, March 23, 2012

shopping race

Some of you may heard /read at my twitter that i'm joining this photo contest held by Singasik and Air Asia Indonesia. The rule is we have to post our picture while at Singapore, tell where did we took that picture and then ask people where else we can go in less than 30 minutes. Well for those who have been to Singapore must be realize how convinience their public transportation and there's no traffic jam as well. So we can hop in from one to another place within minutes.

I post my picture while at Bugis doing my routine activity in Singapore aka shopping. hahaha.. Could u guys do some favor to LIKE the following link and give some comment if you know where else we can go in less than 30 minutes from Bugis: CLICK HERE

The awesome prize is, they will pick 2 lucky winner to have a shopping race with 2 Indonesian bloggers, Ayu Utami and SoniaEryka! So pretty readers please help me to Like and/or Comment my picture at Singasik page key?! =*

Monday, March 5, 2012

Candylicious nite

Mini talkshow about Fashion and Beauty tips
Doorprize winner
with Bethanny Putri, cute headband right?! she made it from her necklace!

Hendro Revco - Revlon's Make Up Artist
My Revlon's collection
Gift from Revlon =D
Thrifted coat, Zacky Gaficky top, Oja Craft necklace, Geulis batik skirt, Romwe tights, Asos boots

Revlon's nail polish - Cherry Berry no. 280
Revlon and Cosmopolitan invited me to a Candylicious nite at Poste. This event held to introduce their new product called Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter to Fashion and Beauty blogger only. They have 20 delicious shades with catchy names like pink truffle, strawberry shortcake, cotton candy, etc. Very cute right?! Actually i'm already Revlon's user.. You can see my previous Revlon's collection at above and this new item will complete it coz i already fell in love with their several shades.. The pinkish and the orange-ish colours are so fresh.

This lipstick is different with others, usually when we're wearing lipstick it feels sticky or makes your lips dry, but this Lip Butter contain of mango butter, shea butter and coconut butter that can gives you a shiny lips with soft feeling.

I really enjoyed the night, they had a mini talkshow with Nina Nikicio and Dewi Utari to share about 2012 fashion trend continue with make up tips from Revlon Make Up Artist. Oh and also introducing the gorgeous Emma Stone as the International Ambassador thru television advertisement and Carissa Puteri as Indonesia Ambassador.

Lucky me, when i picked as one of the styling + make up competition participant , me and my partner won! First, i choose the wardrobe for the model and then my partner (beauty blogger) had to put make up on the model's face. After competition, Revlon announce the doorprize winner and i won again! Crazy huh?! Bethanny Putri also won the doorprize btw =)

Fyi Indonesia is chosen as the first Asia country to launch this product! Go visit Revlon's counters now to try on the ColorBurst Lip Butter! Additional info, for their CSR activation, Revlon is running a program called Kiss For Life to support women with malignant diseases in Indonesia. They donater Rp 1.500,- from each product they sell (super lustrous lipstick, big brush mascara, new complexion 2-way foundation ) . Good reason to add your make up collection girls ;)