Monday, April 25, 2011

Me and Dixie

wall of dixie necklace

Playing around =D Owning this necklace makes me HAPPY! Love it so much Mba Dewi =')
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Boosting monday

My office outfit for today.. So lazy after the long weekend, and this outfit is so easy to wear aka no need to think at all. I picked Retail Therapy suede jacket, design by Nora Tagore the fashion blogger..Love the fabric, so soft =)

Btw i also heard that Retail Therapy will join Brightspot 2nd anniversary from 28 april - 1 may 2011 at Pacific Place..Congrats!!

Note: So excited to go to Brightspot!ahhhh!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Vintage outerwear, Zara legging, Custom made boots, AX studded bag

Went to "Dua" show, new line by Yosafat, the young and talented designer. Love the basic style, sharp cutting with earth colour and I can tell you the fabric is very comfortable!

Find Dua at Mazee, FX
The designer's twitter: @yosafat_k

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clean up the closet

Dotty top 80.000 (SOLD)
Green cardi 40.000
MNG top in grey 45.000
Cream hoodie 65.000
Crop stripe and lace 35.000
Sweet yellow 45.000
Crop dalmation hoodie 45.000
MNG top in brown 70.000 (SOLD)
Kamiseta hoodie 50.000
Batwing white top 40.000
Chic in grey 75.000 (SOLD)
Boyfriend tee 45.000 (BOOKED)
Dotty dress 60.000 (SOLD)
Choco dress 75.000
MNG sweet dress 90.000
Body and soul dress 45.000 (SOLD)
Summer maxi dress 65.000
red MNG bag 50.000
Pattern clutch 75.000
guess denim 80.000 (SOLD)
Guess light blue 50.000
Guess denim 2-50.000 (BOOKED)
Red MNG 2 - 70.000 (SOLD)
giraffe sling bag 45.000
MNG tote bag 80.000 (SOLD)
Guess (suede bag) - 150.000 (SOLD)
Lil denim 30.000
Denim&gem 90.000

Just clean up the closet..If u guys interested feel free to contact me at:

For questions -
To order - text me to 0838 996 830 30 with this format: Order#name#address#phone no

Terms and Condition:
1. You have 2 days to transfer your purchase
2. No purchasing return
3. Above price not include delivery cost yet

Order now! ^__^

PS: All branded items are original (MNG, Guess)