Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Graduation Show

On monday,i went to Lasalle Graduation show..and a brand from one of Lasalle student,MISCH is grab my attention..d price is affordable,material is comfy and d design is cool..see d pic on her booth,there's nina nikicio,maybe she also bought sumthin..i dont know exactly..
The main show is d fashion show dat deliver in 17 scenes,i didnt watched them all..but there's 1 design dat i really love..i dont know d designer name,but when i see her design it reminds me wit corpse bride..
I've been interested in fash business major since i'm goin to start my college year,maybe i'll just join d short course??i'll check the class schedule..curious..o yea n d price of course! =P

a Thousand taste

Last Sunday went to Plaza Ind with family,then havin dinner at Seribu Rasa,only took d appetizer pics coz we're all no time for taking pic.i can say dat d food is quite good especially "ikan males tom yam" and "ayam lengkuas",but d lighting is more lounge than makes me kinda sleepy actually.haha

Friday, July 24, 2009

So Far So Good

Today went to Miracle Clinic at Kemang,they celebrate their anniversary,and the place i worked is havin media partner wit them.for u guys who loved to pamper urself u should visit their anniv event,they had a very special rate on 24,25,27 july plus jewellery exhib..The woman dat also wearin batik is d Mkt Manager,Ms.Herdina,i think she looks like u agree?
Then continue by havin lunch at Blok S,eat baso kumis (very huge!!) and siomay..but d siomay is dissappointing,,,booo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

what i bought

LaSt Sat,went to ITC Mangdu and as usual stick on my friends're wat i em all ^_^

Monday, July 13, 2009

from Bangkok

my sister bf just got back from BKK..he gave me diz pretty bangle and uber cute tooth brush case..

Kelapa Gading on Sat

Me and bf had dinner at AYU seafood = yummy..then continue to La Piazza walking around + Sour Sally ^_^ gosh..i think i'm addicted

Four Eye?

Me wearing my thick glasses taking picture wit a huge Hello Kitty poster..The kitty very cute rite..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ice Age 3

Finally i post my pic wit kulkith shoes..d shoes is incrediblely comfort..i'm already fell in love when i saw d shoes in femina magz..and special thanks to Diana rikasari for share d contact number..
See my thigh?quite big ha?i've gained 1,5 kilos..i love to eat!wat can i say..hahaha
O yea talkin about ice age 3... Me and Bf LOVE it!!very hillarious...there're view movies dat i'm waitin for:New Moon,Up,Harry Potter!!!woohhoooo...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visit Lenggok Betawi

Last tuesday,me and bf went to Lenggok Betawi restaurant,my friend is 1 of d owner..The rest speciality is tail!i'm not a tail eater person..But still i try them.My friend ordered us:Sop buntut, buntut rendang, bakwan jagung, and bakwan udang..My favorite is the tail soup..Their upcoming menu is ribs!will be back soon then..
Anyway our 1st visit is free aka no charge at all..full stomach wit full wallet.haha..

Visit lenggok betawi at:rukan cordoba blok b no.8,jl.marina indah,bukit golf mediterania,pantai indah kapuk,jkt-utara. (56983673/

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working wit pleasure

Yesterday,me n office mates went to pasar baru to find gimmick to d magz..After dat we went to pasar atom for hunting vintage wat i got!actually i still want to look around but time is running!must go back to d office immediately.hahaha...

D florish cardigan cost 20.000 (i think i'll take off d shoulder pad), and white long dress cost 15.000