Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Graduation Show

On monday,i went to Lasalle Graduation show..and a brand from one of Lasalle student,MISCH is grab my attention..d price is affordable,material is comfy and d design is cool..see d pic on her booth,there's nina nikicio,maybe she also bought sumthin..i dont know exactly..
The main show is d fashion show dat deliver in 17 scenes,i didnt watched them all..but there's 1 design dat i really love..i dont know d designer name,but when i see her design it reminds me wit corpse bride..
I've been interested in fash business major since i'm goin to start my college year,maybe i'll just join d short course??i'll check the class schedule..curious..o yea n d price of course! =P


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oh that looks fun!!!