Friday, November 25, 2011

Such a bright spot

Mannequin Plastic
Such a cute tissue case and candles right?!

To show you how big the space is
Mind my oily face, i sweat a lot since it's very packed and hot
What i got - moreandmore "Goldie Mountain" edition acrylic earring, Dinosaur necklace by Mannequin Plastic
Got the chance to visit Brightspot opening at Plaza Senayan, this time the venue is very very big... Since it's one of the hippest event in town, everyone wants to be the first to grab the tenants items coz i'm sure there must be lots of sold out items at the opening day. I queue for 1 hour at the cashier T_T But at least i'm happy with what i got. Brightspot is the right place to find edgy and unique items, so spare some time to visit them. They will be available until Sunday, Nov 27.
Salute to Brightspot team. I can see they contribute a lot to our local fashion scene movement.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Gem

We had this photo shoot before Isya and Fika getting married because we want to keep our friendship memories as a single woman =D With the help from Nanath as the photographer we took some pics at White Box - Menteng, a cozy small whitey cafe.So here are the result...

Stephanie, Fika, Olin and Isya - You guys are my gem... I love you all... =*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random post - JFW 2012 Report

1 - 3 : Issever Bahri (Berlin Fashion Week) @ Promenade
4 - 8 : Hien Le (Belin Fashion Week) @ Promenade
Found that these Berlin designers have some similarities, they're using fine material, effortless style and very pret a porte.

Also post random pictures at Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2012 exhibition area. I took some snap from Justin Smith (hats designer) and Oscar Lawalata collaboration, impressive right? Heard a rumor that Rihanna has ordered one of the hat. Hmmm....

Still 3 days to go, if you haven't go to JFW yet, there're still some times to catch the biggest fashion event in Indonesia ya'll..