Monday, August 24, 2009

Just wanna show U

My magz just arrived!wohooo...loves ELLE cover!LILO looks damn cool as usual..anyway i always got d collector edition although i didnt order it like that.hihihi...thanks to wiwin d magz seller...btw the NYLON magz is not mine..but my office mate,we r goin to switch it after we finished read our own magz..hehe..
Anyway just bought Cottonink legging,bought the morroccan blue one...its like a hi waist legging,to see other colour click here
I HATE my huge pimple (under my eye,beside my nose) T_T

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Up

Havin lunch wit my college classmate Karlina..Its quite a long time since d last time i met her and suddenly i got d news dat she's one of Putri Indonesia finalist Kalimantan Barat representative.congrats dear..i'll vote for u ^__^

Then havin dinner wit my besties at My Pancake GI,had a long chit chat talkin about bought a ring from F21 and bracelet from Gaudi,also fall in love wit some stuff at Alun2..but try to hold my self..coz i'm in d middle of "dryness"hehehe

anyway got this weird allergic at my finger since yesterday,not dat itchy though.. its just red!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


On sunday me and bf went to Gramedia sale at Emporium Pluit Mall,me bought some comics and a mini desk to put my laptop..then havin supper at Uptown Grill..cozy place,yummy food and affordable price equals perfect!

The pic of me looks like i'm havin a short hair cut..agree?? ^O^

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm so surprised when i found diz envelope tonite..its a gift from Diana Rikasari,one of my favo's blogger..She gave me diz gorgeous nefertiti necklace.Thx dear..really appreciate it.hopefully we could meet one day

Back from SBY

Gosh..such a long time i didnt write here..hhehe..
Yesterday i went to Surabaya for attend Babyliss hair cut n make up competition..The place where i worked is one of their media partner..Went there wit Anita,this are our 1st visit to SBY but too bad we only had 1nite still lots of place i didnt visit..
I also met my childhood friend,monica and his husband martin.they treat us at Loop..the place is full of outdoor rest,me n Nita took lots of pics.O yea i ate rujak cingur 1 of SBY food,when i know dat cingur means cow tongue,i'm like dont like it!!!
Enough writing just see d pics ya'll!! ^_^