Tuesday, September 21, 2010

if Only i..

could buy them all T_T

So here it is, am fall in love with Only i - could live forever collection..here are some of them.. Actually the price is reasonable but considering that i have to use my salary wisely (which i still work on it) so i think i'll only buy one or two items ONLY (the necklace is not count in =P )

so guys if u interested with this collection, go grab em fast coz they are ONLY in limited stock..i'm going to order this afternoon right after my 09.00 t0 12.00 meeting

Lots of ONLY word in this post. haha..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooked for him

Moroccan steak and potato fries
Moccachino puding
pillow for me (left), pillow for him (right) - both from dreamesh
my other half

3rd Sept is my 4th anniversary with Temmy Angkawijaya, tried to cook some stuff ended with "not too succeed" hehe..but i can see that he really appreciate my "art work" =) we really had a good time together that day and i forgot to take a pic with him moreover he's not someone who will ask to take a pic coz he's so "cuek" (what's the english word for this!)

As a gift i bought him a dreamesh batik pillow by mba amesh and asked her to attached number 4 as a sign of "our 4th year", i also bought myself 1 to bring it to the office..coz my lousy office chair is killing my back.cih..

Stuff from GRAZIA UK

loves the tropical items!
bootie call...got the look alike from HK =)
mesmerizing jessica schzor boots
cute bikini..will made another from twenty forteen

hi ya'll..hows ur holiday??just got back from sing-hk-macau, really had a blast =) i didnt took many pics coz i'm too busy taking video to my loved one and of course shopping..but will try to share some pics later..