Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Breathable Shoes

I've been looking for the right slip-on since this last few months. It's not easy to find one which have nice design but comfy enough to wear for hours. I've tried some designs, most of them are broken easily when I wear it too long. I often wear flats for traveling and am the walkers type, can stroll around the city from the sun rise till the sun set =))

So when i accidentally find Rivieras Shoes at Central Dept. Store, I'm already amaze with their options. Lots of colors with different fabrics and light as well. Then I heard they also open their new store at Plaza Indonesia Extension level 4 so I took a visit and tried several types. Been explained that each shoes are hand crafted manually by the artisan that's why you can find slights differences from one model to another. Cool right?!
The most important factor, Rivieras invent the breathable shoes. There are 3 types: 10, 20 and 30 degree.The higher the degree, the more holes the shoes have, and the more breathable they are. This will prevent your feet from humidity and less sweat. After some minutes I finally chose the Montecristi Marine type (see above). Am happy with my choice and personally recommended this brand. Meanwhile will let you guys drool over this picture.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm Back

Shirt fr Platinum BKK, Pants bought at "ITC" Shanghai, June&Julia heels, Bag bought at Seminyak, Bali
Hello.. Do I still have readers here? Haha.. My last post was on Dec and it's almost April now.. Don't you think our daily life and time are chasing each other? There are times where I think to stop blogging and have Instagram posts instead. But this blogspot is the channel that brought me to meet lots of new friends. So I don't want to shut down my baby. Hopefully I still have some spare time to update more this year.

Here's my first post with my short hair. I didn't have the time to have an outfit post when i permed my long hair so if you curious you can check my Instagram here only if you curious ;D

Until next time! *kiss