Saturday, December 27, 2014

The sheer outer

H&M long tanktop, Sheer outer bought at Chatuchak, White ripped jeans fr Somerville, Reebok shoes, Mooze tote bag
Well this is my last outfit post with my long hair. Yesterday i perm and cut it, still need to add colors but cant do it directly. Probably will do it next wednesday.  So stay tune for my next post with my new hair >.<

You might heard this a lot how fast 2014 is right? for me personally its really really fast.. Lots of great things happened in my life, such as :
1. Got married with my 8yrs boyfriend and move to his house
2. Had a fun and beautiful honeymoon at Bangkok and Samui Island
4. Did my 1st 10K at Jakarta Marathon
5. Resigned and moved to another company

I bet you guys had a marvelous year as well, for those who think 2014 treat you unfairly, stand up coz 2015 is coming in seconds so be positive be optimist and great things will come toward you.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Its Da Zip

ED-JEH jumper, C&A shorts, Loony dinosaur necklace, Zara sling bag, Reebok shoes
Another outfit post from my Bandung trip. The highlight is the top from ED-JEH, this jumper is really fun.. They got 2 zippers at the sleeves that you can play around, you can take it off so it become 3/4 sleeves or 1/2 sleeves.. But for this shoot I'm not fully unzip them so that the elbow and wrist can sneak out a bit ;)

Monday, December 8, 2014


Jacket bought at Cineleisure SG, Zara tanktop, Massicot necklace, Onlyi pants, Staccato sandals
Just visited Bandung last week with husband and my bestie (couple too), we had a really fun short trip. This is what i'm wearing during the gloomy yet romantic day at Bandung day 1. To find out the recommended spots, you can check my Instagram @griciaeffendi or search the #griciatrip hashtag.

Btw today is my first day at the new office. Am working as Asst. Brand Manager for Kanebo Cosmetic, so i assure you that my feeds especially in social media some of them will be about Kanebo product infos and you can ask me anything about Kanebo products. I'll try to help as much as i can =))