Thursday, April 30, 2009

Printed Legging!

Nu updates gurls...
These printed leggings already shout ur fun personality!
Grab em just for 60.000(exclude delivery cost)
ps: sorry for d big thigh..hehe
To order send msg to, add FB: SoYu Ol Shop, To see all collection click "For Fashionista" on the right side.

My love has arrived

Yesterday i went to GI wit ma besties,we're looking for a present to our besties at Singapore (Icen)...Again another accidental purchase, ring from Forever 21..Anyway the krey shawl by Cottonink arrived! it so much..Wat we got for Icen?i'll post it when d gift is complete...

O yea wanna share some info dat might be useful to u..When i saw Oprah couple days ago,they discuss about ingridient in shampoo/lotion/body wash/moisturizer that may harm u..They are:Paraben,Phtalate,Allumunium,Germall,Sodium Laureth Sulfate,Fragrance..When i check mine,my shampoo contain SLS,my lotion and body wash contain fragrance..Hmm...I think i have to start thinkin bout another option...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Updates on 2nd and Nu items!

2nd:mini jeans skirt-30.000
blue tights (under knee)-20.000
Pink tank from Mango size S-15.000 SOLD
Ethnic top-30.000
Bling2 v-neck-30.000 SOLD
Black long sleeve from Mango size S-40.000
Blue+checks-15.000 SOLD
White knit-40.000
White ribbon top from Kamiseta size S-20.000
Loose top from BKK-30.000
Blue stripe loose top-15.000
Loose top wit hoodie-10.000 SOLD
NEW:Purple dress 70.000
Yellow mustard top-45.000
Stripe dress-80.000 SOLD
Assymetrical stripe-70.000

Monday, April 27, 2009

My lovely Sunday

hang out wit fam to GI then continue to Inacraft wit my bf..bought a lulur cream from Altara Bali,i like sum stuff in d exhibition but too bad they're kinda pricy..

Saturday, April 25, 2009


- Every woman needs a little black dress rite (LBD) rite?grab this LBD 1 pc only for 150.000
- Stripe tube top include d belt : 120.000
To order pls text me to 08174932970, To see other collections click "For Fashionista" on the right side...

The List

My dear beloved friends and sister,here are my wish list for my upcoming birthday ^O^:
1.Gold chain watch/playful Nixon watch
2.Pretty heels to exchange my Vincci (jgn pump shoes)
3.Tasha D bangles
4.Oneandahalf detachable shirt dress,Heartbeat organic bag all by Nikicio
5.(Not too) short hi-waist pants
6.Statement ring
7.Oceanus/White musk eau de toilette by Body Shop
8.Magenta (shocking pink) lipstick
9.Sling bag

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me and Him

Random pictures from last sunday..sorry for the poor quality..
Right now i had some problem wit him,hopefully things will get better soon...Coz i'm just deeply in love

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Todays preach


Usually people expectation to "limited edition" stuff is more than d common one,and those "limited edition" things have to prove that they're worth it..
Same with us,human,as Gods child,show people that we have the "limited edition" quality,so they'll know who is behind us..GOD.
Excellence is a journey,we improve from one to another level..and so on..

What is EXCELLENCE? attracts people attention,more than average, cause other people promote about us,beyond the expectation.

Quote:"Excellence is the attention to detail that gives rise to superior performance which leads to promotion in life" - Robb Thompson

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nu updates!

- Mini bubble skirt 70.000,white frilly top 2nd 25.000
- Giraffe shirt 45.000 (available in blue,yellow,red) SOLD
- Ribbon dress 70.000 (available in blue,brown,green,red,black,orange)
- Sporty dress 100.000 (available in broken white SOLD,blue,yellow mustard)
- Stripe dress 80.000 (available in pink,green SOLD,red)
- V-neck printed dress 90.000 (available in purple,red,brown,blue)
To see all collections click For Fashionista on d right side,To order send email to at 08174932970,To see ribbon dress and giraffe shirt colours ask via email..