Friday, April 17, 2009

Nu updates!

- Mini bubble skirt 70.000,white frilly top 2nd 25.000
- Giraffe shirt 45.000 (available in blue,yellow,red) SOLD
- Ribbon dress 70.000 (available in blue,brown,green,red,black,orange)
- Sporty dress 100.000 (available in broken white SOLD,blue,yellow mustard)
- Stripe dress 80.000 (available in pink,green SOLD,red)
- V-neck printed dress 90.000 (available in purple,red,brown,blue)
To see all collections click For Fashionista on d right side,To order send email to at 08174932970,To see ribbon dress and giraffe shirt colours ask via email..


Ordinary Diary said...

heyyheyy.. i want the red stripes one... u dont have the blue one?i think it's more cute! okay i email u!

neida said...

ahh i love the V-neck printed dress.
look so cute!
but i dont think that kind of dress fits me well.
cool blog
check out mine,

Putri Erdisa said...

wow! the second outfit are great!
love the top mostly! x)


GRICIA said...

putri:bli donk say klo gt.hehe..
neida:ok dh mampir skrg

teppy said...

ciaaaaa, itu yang red stripe masih ada ga? terus all size yah? gue takut ga muat sama badan gue, kumaha ya?

GRICIA said...

teppy:g jawabny mampir k blog lo aj yha!