Saturday, February 25, 2012

Take me to Hongkong

Who doesn’t like shopping? For me, it’s like one of my hobby. Whenever I go somewhere and I found something cute with reasonable price, it is very hard to resist not to buy it :p

Outer from Inacraft, Up Wedges
One thing I notice whenever I have my retail therapy, trying some outfits and some of them are so tempting, I will start to produce some sweat. Especially whenever I found some hidden gem in the shopping rack! I bet most of you actually have experienced it and it made you feel uncomfortable, especially if after that you still want to have some dinner or hangout with your friends or boyfriend. To handle that, You can also do that so every time you want to hang out after class or work, you can use it first so that you will be “safe” the whole night.

And you know what, I just read an article and found that condition I have above is called ‘emotional sweating’. That’s such a very unique statement that is also new to me. Have you ever heard of  “emotional sweat”? Well me neither! But that’s really true =)
Thrifted coat, Geulis skirt, Romwe tights, Asos boots
You remember my post about my last trip to Hong Kong? My favorite part of Hong Kong are Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay area where you can find local and international designers boutiques. You can also try to visit Sam Sui Po and Lai Chi Kok where we can do wholesale shopping (alert online shop and boutique owner!). That trip was very fun and I really looking forward to the day I can visit Hong Kong again.

And you know what the fun part is? I just saw an ad one day that Rexona is having “RexonaSweat Free Shopping Experience to Hongkong” plus exclusive gifts – Charles and Keith bags! Don’t miss it, cause you won’t want to miss out on the chance to go shopping in Hongkong!

I’ve joined! So CLICK HERE and get ready to shop at HK!!! (Let’s see who’s gonna win :D)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fight plastic with plastic

 So.. as i promised before, I'll share about my friend's project called "fight plastic with plastic" by Oja. Actually this project is a continuity from her final assignment at college. After a long pause, she's finally decided to actualize it and have some collaboration with Iwet Ramadhan, yes he is Tik Shirt owner that we already knew for his passion to our local fabric - Batik.

Oja sees how to process the plastic waste as a challenge. She wants to persuade the fashion scene to also put attention to our environment. Such a fashionable way isn't it? So.. here is Oja's first collection (feat. Tik Shirt) called "BLACK FLAG", an oversized clutch (22 x 37 cm) made from plastic with Batik fabric for the inner part plus some studs to make it more edgier. Every detail was handmade. I really really love this!!! Plan to grab one for myself =) Interested? you can get it at Tik Shirt Boutique - Level One Grand Indonesia 1st Fl.

For more information:

Ni Luh Wayan Ayu (0813-21310666) / Nanda Djohan (0815-19260567)

twitter: @oja_crafts


Monday, February 13, 2012

my kimono

printed kimono dress - noona
Got a sweet package from one of Indonesia local brand called Noona. Noona is an online shop that caters (mostly) for young working women. They provide affordable yet stylish items. And the best thing is you can find some local fabrics such as Batik and Ikat material in their design. Love it! I wear this printed kimono dress to a dinner with some friends. Such a beautiful print, nice cutting and best part of it, comfy!

Styling tips: you don't have to always put heels when you are wearing a (feminine) dress. Boots can give you more edgy look ;) 

Get more updates at their FB page here. Psstt.. visit shopatnoona web right now, they're on sale!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lacey act

Roti Bakar Italia at Kopitiam, Sabang
Mie Kepiting Pontianak at Kopitiam, Sabang
Teh Tubruk ala Blontang at Kopitiam, Sabang
Lace top from Somerville Boutique

Looked weird but kinda like it ;P

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Next Level

Top from Somerville Boutique, Unbranded maxi skirt, June and Julia heels, Sling bag - Mango

Went to "Next Level" opening at Sampoerna Strategic Square.. The concept is kinda similar with Brightspot but Brightspot has more tenants than Next Level. And more interesting booth display. Well i gotta say that there are some interesting pieces i found, but dunno why it's a lil bit boring there.. But still i got something.. A silver jacket! Will share it when there's a right time to wear it ;)