Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fight plastic with plastic

 So.. as i promised before, I'll share about my friend's project called "fight plastic with plastic" by Oja. Actually this project is a continuity from her final assignment at college. After a long pause, she's finally decided to actualize it and have some collaboration with Iwet Ramadhan, yes he is Tik Shirt owner that we already knew for his passion to our local fabric - Batik.

Oja sees how to process the plastic waste as a challenge. She wants to persuade the fashion scene to also put attention to our environment. Such a fashionable way isn't it? So.. here is Oja's first collection (feat. Tik Shirt) called "BLACK FLAG", an oversized clutch (22 x 37 cm) made from plastic with Batik fabric for the inner part plus some studs to make it more edgier. Every detail was handmade. I really really love this!!! Plan to grab one for myself =) Interested? you can get it at Tik Shirt Boutique - Level One Grand Indonesia 1st Fl.

For more information:

Ni Luh Wayan Ayu (0813-21310666) / Nanda Djohan (0815-19260567)


twitter: @oja_crafts

email: ojamantra@yahoo.com

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Cindy Karmoko said...

i love the clutch!hmm... dress versace kmaren si 250 euroan cia...