Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentino Retrospective - Time After Time

As my promise here is the next post from my last holiday at Spore..Me and my sister accidentally found Valentino Retrospective exhibition at our hotel neighborhood.So we decided to take a look. The entry fee is $13 / person.

I took quite lot of pictures, but so sorry if some of them are too dark, because after i'm taking some pictures with flash the security told me that its not allowed..But somehow i think the dark effect is quite cool ;P

Overall there's lots of breath taking dresses..and most of them are still applicable, classic and glamour.
Well of course all of you will agree with me that Valentino is a Fashion Guru (but some times he's a lil bit over tan =D )

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sing outfit post

Day 1 - X SML batwing top, Somerville jeans legging, Zara strappy heels
Day 1 - Twentyforteen custom made swimsuit
(please ignore the fat) T_T
Day 2 - Bali Top, Somerville shorts, Gucci sling bag, Charles and Keith sandals
Day 2 - Zacky Gaficky top, Somerville hot pants, Charles and Keith sandals
Day 3 - Cottonink sleveless top, X SML vest, Nefertiti necklace, Somerville hot pants, Gucci sling bag, Charles and Keith sandals
Day 3 - Cottonink fringe shawl, Bali dress from BF, Gucci sling bag, Mphosis wedges