Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Todays office outfit (But i spent mostly at mall for did d sampling thingy)
Me and Patrick..Collaborating..
When the reindeers is having day off, Santa used Harley!
Favo's picture from World Press Photo Exhibition at Pacific Placa
Cool shot from World Press Photo
Diving ccompetition pictures, also from World Press Photo

Monday, December 28, 2009

Swapping Gifts is Always Fun

With besties at Isya's Apartment..Minus Fika (in China) our beloved one.

Went dinner at The Apartment

I got gifts from Stephanie (in blue dress). They are : Cocktail For Three Novel, Bracelet and Elephant Ring from Forever 21..Love em all!Well of course coz we made a wishlist!hahaha...

As u see in the pictures,i did a lil changing in my hair do and my friends called me Indiana Jones because of my otufit.haha

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Continued : Blogger Meet Up

Velo's favorite style ;)
Fashion Bloggers meet up minus me in d picture..Already got back to d office

As i promised before.Here are more pictures! anyway today is Christmas Eve and i'm alone at home..huaaaaa...

To all fellow bloggers,Have a wonderful Christmas and happy long weekend ^O^

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blogger Meet Up

Yours Truly

Here's some pics from the blogger meet up at Pastis today..I forgot how many people dat came coz i didnt stay there till it finished..i'm kind of sneaking from office hour..hehe..Most of the bloggers are so young and i feel like oh God i'm d oldest one.luckily heidy and nina came so i'm kinda relieved.hahaha.

Too bad my camera is low battery,so to michelle and other bloggers who brings camera, please upload d pictures at d facebook event yha!

See u guys in other ocassion...Btw i'll post more pictures after i got it from other bloggers..

ps: next time be more on time yha gurls ;P

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One of my besties just got back from Bali..and these are wat i got from her..a pretty local bracelet and a cute boxer..Thanks dear

Monday, December 14, 2009

Midnite Shopping

Went to midnite sale with my parents at Plaza Indonesia after had an event with CK Perfume..exhausted..but happy with what i got

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wat a Lovely Day

Start my day with went to u fm for GRAZIA talkshow accompanying Zornia,GRAZIA editor in chief
Cute findings at u-fm,the crew put their photo in oldies yearbook style.try it at
Girls behind Geulis..Thanks to Icha (right) to gave me the ya ^_^

Nikidee..My office mate Lala bought their cool vintage vest..Too bad i forgot to took d picture
My office mate, Lala (right) with Monday to Sunday girl...Their booth is always full!
Cotton ink girls, i bought a stripe tee here.The girl at d right side wearin it

Some treasures from Mayhem by Muntik
My yesteday outfit : Black dress from Mango ; Unbranded Flower Stocking ; Peep toe boots by Candyfeetish ; Vintage Necklace from Mum
After shopping...Hungry and thirsty
Some card that i collect from some brands at Brightspot
1st purchase : Wavy mini dress by Magic Happens
Stripe tee from cotton ink,at the right arm they put a padding,and they also gave a pin so u can playin with this tee..FUN!But i'm not going to do that in d mean time coz i'm afraid they'll leave a hole...

Visit Brightspot at Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor, still open till 13 December from 11.00 to 23.00

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Ebony Afters"

well..well..well..she always made a surprise right..yesterday,i met diana when i'm giving grazia goodie bag to "Coco Before Chanel" audience..but unfortunately we can only say hi for a while..i hope we can take picture together next time yha di..

And today,still giving goodie bag,i met heidy from fashion maverick..Well looks like "Coco Before Chanel" is a must see movie for all fashion lover right?

Anyway let me introduce u "Ebony Afters"!! this pretty collection is a collaboration between diana and favourite item is the pattern legging!!and i love the photoshoot as well!she looks adorable rite?U can grab d collection at or call 0813 17600 515

Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanks for long weekend

i like diz picture.hihihi
how i miss thrifting so much... (the bag is from a thrift store)

loose sheer top:mango ; bone print shawl:x s,m,l ; semi latex legging:tanah abang ; bag:thrift store at bangkok ; ankle wit peep toe boots:candyfeetish ; brown necklace at d bag:manado, watch : puma - gift fom sister
ahhh..i'm so satisfied wit this long and bf spend all day long together for d last two days ^O^ today we went to EX to watched New Moon..and i think d movie is COOL..dunno why some people think its not dat good..hmm....and then we had dinner at jimbaran wit my brothers,too bad d food is quite disappointing..After dat we just sit in d living room chat for a while,watch TV,then he's playin psp,i read comic...haha...even though we did our own thing but still for me its a precious moment where i know dat i can hold his hand,see his smile. whenever i want .okay am i getting "lebay" rite now?hahaha...