Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blogger Meet Up

Yours Truly

Here's some pics from the blogger meet up at Pastis today..I forgot how many people dat came coz i didnt stay there till it finished..i'm kind of sneaking from office hour..hehe..Most of the bloggers are so young and i feel like oh God i'm d oldest one.luckily heidy and nina came so i'm kinda relieved.hahaha.

Too bad my camera is low battery,so to michelle and other bloggers who brings camera, please upload d pictures at d facebook event yha!

See u guys in other ocassion...Btw i'll post more pictures after i got it from other bloggers..

ps: next time be more on time yha gurls ;P


t a l i s h a said...

hahaha yepp too bad u hv to leave early.. u missed the game! sorry for beign late today.. we shud do this again!!

selly octavia said...

I couldn't come..
Could there be any meet-up soon??
please let me know... i'd like to come... thx..

Velo said...

heart it <3
kapan2 ketemuan lagi youw. =)

Diana Rikasari said...

aku iriiiiiii ^_^

GRICIA said...

@Talisha,Velo:Yep..see u girls next time
@Selly:hmm..told Michelle to arrange it!coz she's kinda the EO for this event.haha..

piping said...

sayang yah kemarin balikk duluan :(.hihihi!! but anyway, it's nice to meet u! woah, tp foto ku disitu buset matanya kegedean, jadi serem bgt. wkwkwk!!! hope we'll can meet again soon!

INBERT StreetStyle said...

Hey grec... How are u?? U still remember me?? Yay..thanks u so much for your comment in my blog. Hahaha..many who say like that but I myself don't like the models, I prefer to dancing. LOL.


GRICIA said...

@piping:iya km gothic bgt yha.hehe
@inda:i used to dance,and i missed dancing so much..

Iravirginia Komala said...

ahhh seems fun :):) i wish i could come


Cupcake Vs Stiletto

regina said...

ahhhhh that's my photo:))))) hehe and i already added your link kak at my blog .nice to meet you:)

F i K a said...

heyy gricia!! too bad I'm late to the meet up so we can't meet :(
hope we can meet up soon yaa??

Anw,kamu kerja di Grazia ya? pemrednya mba nia kan yaa?

michelle_ said...

heyy , have u upload these to FB ? ak mao ngambil soalnya :D