Saturday, January 31, 2009

girls nite out

watch bridewars at ex with my bff.really funny muvie..continued wit havin supper at pancious...yummy...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


yesterday i had a problem wit bf,feel so bluee..went out mit my gurls to GI and bought a necklace wit very sweet pendant for stephanie bday gift..bcoz of dis blue-ness i feel like want to buy i bought a necklace and bracelet...accidental purchase..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I wish u a happy chinese nu year for those who celebrate it.its d time to visit families,friends,lots of food and of course ANGPAO..hahaha

CNY dinner

on sunday me and fam havin dinner together.its some kind of tradition to cook 12 kind dishes..after havin dinner we played fireworks..wohooooo its so fun!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

last saturday

went to ex to watch muvie.its very hard to find park there.ergghh after couple of minutes we didnt get d ticket then ended havin dinner at Fast Eddie's after tryin to find the rest i want to eat at kebayoran baru but forgot the spot.cihh..really wastin time.luckily my bf quite patient.hehe..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red Cliff

have u watch red cliff 2?gosh..must watch movie..its really awesome!two thumbs up for John Woo to represent the Sam Kok history with such great picture,actress,and scenario..Adore tony leung and takeshi kaneshiro for their acting...
dis couple days i've been very busy making d choc flakes to sell it and give it to families and friends..really2 tired..maybe i'll post d pics tmrow if i can excited wit the CNY on monday,not only because of the angpao things ^_^ but also d house is very full of accessories,foods and i'm ready wit my cheongsam..hehe

Saturday, January 17, 2009

before she go..

one of my bff,oline,is goin back to jambi on monday,so before she go,we decided to hang out.but unfortunately fika n isya cannot join.So its only me,oline,and steph..we spent d nite by havin dinner at nydc,oline buyin a charles and keith heels,and we also bought cute panties at topshop..steph?she buy nothin,preparin her self to itc on sat.hahaha..(ps:oline is on d left side)

Friday, January 16, 2009

another visit

to itc wit my sis,bro,and sis is hunting clothes for d chinese nu year but the main purpose is for shopping..he2.she's only in to my friends boutique clothes..i often mention her,ay2..her boutique at 5th floor/a/ sis got a jumpsuit,retro dress and choc sweater wit i like d dress i tried there,but i still want to think of i just order a suede semi high boots but i hc to wait coz my size is still on d way (shipment),but at others boutique i bought a leopard printed dress and 2 in 1 skirt dat can wear hi waist u juz need to grab a belt or u can wear it at d hip..(ps:u can see my sis head behind my pic wit grey shirt,she's sleepin..hahaha)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

yummy pancake

2 days ago i had supper wit anny,icen + bf (romano)..from senci we went to f(X) then we decide to eat at Pan-O,me and anny ordered blintz mexicano and choco are the pics,the pancake is delicious and the food is emmm ok lah.. (blintz is the lil square one) but icen said it taste like lamb,but me and anny thinks its tasty..well i never eat lamb meat before so i didnt know how it taste.. ^_^ for those who hv bca card,Pan-O gives 15% disc..i might be back again wit bf to try antoher pancake

Saturday, January 10, 2009


yesterday i just bought new hp,its E71..yippie!!finally i change my old 6681..i'm using it for quite a long time and my friends like alwys said "when will u change it?", "i think its d time for u 2 buy d new one"..hahaha.i'm a lil bit sad to let it many memories in and with it..bye2 dear..o yea i'm also bought face shop mask its on sale from 29thou to i took 2,1 for my sis..i'm also try d rice water cleansing foam coz d previous one makes pimples poppin out from my face

rite now i'm just finished work out.i'm so lazy to do it but everyone always said dat i'm getting fat d work out is dancing with 5 pussycat dolls songs..haha..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

deary nu comer

Tday i went to itc wit mum and my 2 auntie..I think nowadays itc its not a cheap place to buy outift anymore..most of the price was very expensive..juz like d same price wit stuff from zara.ckckck..but still i got 3 items ^_^ d dress and bermuda pants is from my friend boutique (sommerville,5/a/172) and of course the price is "friend price".hehehe..

Monday, January 5, 2009

From my parents

Heii..its been a couple days i'm not writing any post..well its bcoz i'm enjoying the holiday.although its actually the same 4 me coz i'm still looking 4 a job and still helping my parents rite now..but the difference is my bf who usually work in office hour gettin 7 day off..So i'm spending my 1 last week wit and bro's went to hk n macau..
Yesterday i pick them up and dis are the gift..Thxx a lot...Although they didnt got d celine bag..hehe..the items are: fiorucci snake printed bag,blue turtle neck from bossini (maybe i cant wear dis one oftenly..jakarta is hotttt!!),and esprit wallet (but i still want to use my old wallet so i'll just keep it 4 a while)..all seems in one colour tone rite..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Years Eve

Last nite i become a host for d new years eve lil party..well its a last minute and bf cooking some food then invite some of my friends to came..after havin dinner,we playing cards which is so much fun and of course seeing the fireworks dat blow from every direction at the beautiful..happy new year guys!!!starts to make ur resolution!!!