Sunday, January 11, 2009

yummy pancake

2 days ago i had supper wit anny,icen + bf (romano)..from senci we went to f(X) then we decide to eat at Pan-O,me and anny ordered blintz mexicano and choco are the pics,the pancake is delicious and the food is emmm ok lah.. (blintz is the lil square one) but icen said it taste like lamb,but me and anny thinks its tasty..well i never eat lamb meat before so i didnt know how it taste.. ^_^ for those who hv bca card,Pan-O gives 15% disc..i might be back again wit bf to try antoher pancake


Iqa Rasol said...

yummy food!
chiccas updated gricia;)

karl's sweet child said...

hmmm, i've been to pan-o too but i think pancious is more delish..
btw, oyea im going to watch MU, probably i'll be the noisiest one there..hehehehe..