Saturday, January 10, 2009


yesterday i just bought new hp,its E71..yippie!!finally i change my old 6681..i'm using it for quite a long time and my friends like alwys said "when will u change it?", "i think its d time for u 2 buy d new one"..hahaha.i'm a lil bit sad to let it many memories in and with it..bye2 dear..o yea i'm also bought face shop mask its on sale from 29thou to i took 2,1 for my sis..i'm also try d rice water cleansing foam coz d previous one makes pimples poppin out from my face

rite now i'm just finished work out.i'm so lazy to do it but everyone always said dat i'm getting fat d work out is dancing with 5 pussycat dolls songs..haha..

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Lydia Florencia said...

Gwe juga beli Face shop mask nya Gricia.. Yang Jasmine.. Enak udahnya dingin2.. Tapi, kalo kata gwe body shop punya lebih enak..