Monday, March 30, 2009

Shine on..

Pic 1: Stripe loose top - 80.000 (d real colour is a lil bit darker)
Pic 2: Brown leather jacket - 200.000,size M (SOLD), Jumpsuit 100.000
Pic 3: Grey leather jacket (seen in pic size L),also available in camel brown-coklat bata,size S,M,L
Pic 4: Silver leather jacket (seen in pic size M),also available in dark silver,size M,L,XL

CLicK oN Wat I'm TalkiN AbouT coLumN (FOR FASHIONISTA) aT d RiGht SiDe to sEE ALL CollEctioNs, CliCk PiC to ZooM it,ConTacT me aT

Friends wedding

last nite @ chunagon restaurant..wilson and monique wedding..the groom is my hi school friend at Tarsisius 1

ps:just cut my hair and dyed it couple days ago.some people dont think it suits me (the very black colour) but i'm kinda like it,and my bf too..hoho

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Thursday..

went out wit my besties to PI,GI and Tebet..bought few things..plain t shirt at bloop,nail polish at face shop and cute necklace from hardware.. (see d one witblue and yellow feather?yep dat one..)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


1. Blocks legging available in 3 colours - 70.000
2. Leather jacket - 200.000, Lacey stocking - 95.000
3. Leather jacket - 200.000, Wavy tights - 90.000
4. Leather jacket - 200.000, Lacey stocking - 95.000
SeE LeaTher Jcket Details on PreViouS PosT,CLicK oN Wat I'm TalkiN AbouT coLumN (FOR FASHIONISTA) aT d RiGht SiDe to sEE ALL CollEctioNs, CliCk PiC to ZooM it,ConTacT me aT

Monday, March 23, 2009

Next big thing!

Hi guys,as i promised b4 i'm going to post d leather jacket they others nu arrival..enjoy them..
- Leather jacket pic 1 and 2 avail. in S,M,L size (ready stock M) - 200.000
- Leather jacket pic 4 avail. in L,XL (ukuran size L sama seperti M) - 200.000
- Jumpsuit (avail. in black and dark grey) - 110.000
- Long jodhpur pants (avail. in black and dark grey) - 95.000
- Short aladdin pants (avail. in black,light grey,brown,maroon) - 55.000
*double click to zoom the picture*
Price exclude delivery cost,for order,questions,etc email me at

Wang look alike

Today i got two package:
1.Elle Uk and Teen Vogue magz which i ordered from with a very cheap price rather than i buy them at d bookstore..
2.Alexander Wang boots look alike which i made from, they're very comfortable but unfortunately d leather quality is not dat nice.well price talks..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm so tired

Today,as usual is my family day,so me and family hang out to Indonesia craft exhibition,continued to havin lunch at Sency (ended wit buying a semi blazer at x s.m,l -disc 50% yippieeee),then havin dinner at Pandan Bistro on north jakarta..

(coming soon:leather jacket,jodhpur pants,jumpsuit-i need sumone to help me taking pictures so maybe i'll post it tmrow..hopefully)

Todays preach

Title=Inner Strength
By= Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat at JPCC (22.03.09)
Wat makes us different from others is our inner strength,coz lots of people pour out their energy only for things dat can be seen..
Why only few people wants to work on fundamental things?coz usually its boring..We have to learn fundamental things coz they can create differences..It can difference us from other who doesnt care wit it..Ex=we lazy to learn computer/foreign language/pray/bible study..
In real life its very important to form fundamental technique coz it cannot be trained again when the "game" is on!

Inner strength will be seen when someone is facing problems/difficulty in their life coz lots of people easily afraid and complaining.Like wat happens nowadays,in global crisis we can see if dat people hav an inner strength or not.

How to train fundamental things:
1.Pray,create a relship wit GOD
2.Read and learn d bible
3.Sow the seed (menabur benih),coz life is about giving
4.Being part of Gods house/church (tertanam di rumah Tuhan),build great relationship dont be aloner.

So people starts to train ur fundamental case,then the inner strength will show how meaningful u are

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Black poison

Taraaaa....i present u my new black leather rose ring from Forever 21 (69.000),gorgeous really like it..sumtimes when i'm typing on my keyboard i'm wearing it..makes my hand looks pretty..hahaha..i took d pic wit my dad's flower..

Coming soon leather jacket...please check For Fashionista on the right side under Wat i'm talkin bout column..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crazy Bazar

Today i'm happy bcoz of two things..
1.My bf went out from hospital ^_^
2.I went to Charles and Keith sale at WTC building,the crowd is very crazy..all people is pushing one another,1st i'm a lil bit lazy to jostle but then i joined them to look for my size..We scream "Mba,size 38 donk,mbaa..mbaaa...mbaa..."hahaha...i got three items,flats for my mum (40rb),patent pump shoes (40rb),and silver heels wit zipper (139rb)..all of them are surprisingly cheap..At least my sacrifice to hang on in those crowd not useless.hehehe

O yea i also post my leather jacket pic..actually i got it couple days ago..hmm lil bit dissapointed coz i thought its black,and wat i got is brown (misscomm i think) and at d back of the jacket there's written "adder" i dont noe wat it means and after i checked,it means ular berbisa T_T
hahhh...well at least its not dat bad though..i'm still goin to wear it

Monday, March 16, 2009

Red Bowie

Last two days,i've been taking care of my bf..Well not for 24/7.He's in hospital bcoz of DBD..hopefully d trombosit will up to 150's today so that he could go home..
Yesterday i went to ITC Mangga dua wit my brother didi..I only bought dvds, and a red bow headband for 40.000,actually i like a dress from my friend boutique..but i'm not in d mood for shopping so we just walk for about an hour then went home.

Friday, March 13, 2009


1. Blue shirt by Mango (size M) - 30.000 (sold)
2. Dress (only worn twice size M) - 80.000
3. Khaki pants by X S,M,L (size M) - 20.000
4. Stripe jacket - 50.000
5. Floral dress (new) - 70.000
6. Punk style by Mango (size M) - 60.000
7. Plain black shirt & Fruity hot pants (new) - 10.000 & 25.000 (both sold)
8. Brownie shirt by Mango (size M) - 10.000

for order,questions,etc,email me at

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

(white shirt from esprit,tulip skirt from zara,t-bar heels from nine west,bag mar by marc jacobs,tag heuer watch,necklace from BKK)
Just got back from Sency to watched Shopaholic muvies,i got two free tickets from Cleo magz,so i ask my sister to accompany me..The movie is hillarious..i've read d book but already forgot coz its a long long time ago..The dress code from Cleo is sexy office look,and to get the sexy feel i put on red lipstick.hihihi and i won the bestdress..yay!!besides goody bag i also got a shopaholic diary books as a bestdress winner..I took my pic after i went home so its kinda messy..hohoho


(what i wore: curdoroy blazer,grey shirt both from Mango,short pants from ITC Mangdu, sneakers by Converse,bag from Sing,bracelet from TopShop, necklace inheritance from mum)
Last nite i went to Pecha Kucha event at Es Teler Blok M wit my bf and bff..There are 15 speakers from creative industry to share their experience wit max 20 slide,per slide 20seconds.Me only heard 6 of fav is Nina Moran founder of gogirl magz and Cipta toy maker of Good Guys Never Win..At d break time there's spec performance by Otak and Chair (read:otak encer),they played percussion plus reads a poetry..very interesting rite?i really lol when they show their "Ketika Teman Baikku Bunuh Diri" poetry...I always wanted to learn percussion..I'll googled them ^_^
The confession is,last nite on my way to Es Teler,i pee in d car using plastic..coz i cannot keep it any longer..The traffic is so hectic,its raining,and blablabla so i go to the back of the car then pee.hahaha...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nu legging

Hi girlss..if u interested wit this flower tights,email me at key..
price:90.000,exclude delivery cost..Anyway the level of the flower width is depend on ur thigh and mine is huge..the one u see in dis pic is me.. ;P

i LOVE monday

(orange knit from Mango,white tank from BKK,lame legging from Tanah Abang,Black bag from Sing,Forever 21 necklace and ring)
After not spending weekend wit ma bf,me and him decided to catch up today..We watch seven pounds muvie at Jakte..this movie is very recommended especially for Will Smith fans,i wont tell u guys d story coz u have to watch it urself..Salute to Mr.Smith for his excellent acting..still remember his I am legend and pursuit of happiness muvies??all of them are amazing rite?
From Jakte me and bf had dinner at bakmi 39 or called as bakmi sakau (chinese pronounciation, 3=sa,9=kau).its located at in front of Ricci school,well d taste is average i think,but its very cheap,we ate 2 bowl of noodles,5 dumpling,and 2 glass of tea wit only rupiahs..but for those who give priority to cleanliness i think u dont need to go here..while i'm eating i meet cat and cockroach..hahaha..well maybe bcoz its raining and u cant expect too much from a street stall lha.. ^O^

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drag queen

i just got back from my cousin wedding party,i became the usher wit my other cousin..the thing is i hate my make up and hair do!it sucks..i look like a drag queen,u have to see me directly the powder is super thick..makes my face so whitey and more like aunty..hehe..
O yea i also took dis pic from an ice cream booth..i dont know the catering want to put indonesian or english words,coz he/she put it both.see?make up ur mind lha whether u want to said its an ice cream or es krim..hehehe

Todays preach

Title:Power and influence index (tolak ukur kekuasaan dan pengaruh)
Usually peoples index bout power and influence is based on
1.expertise (kehebatan) (uang)
3.Position (jabatan)
4.Popularity (popularitas)
Chasing those 4th is very relevant,nothings wrong..But usually mans journey to reach them often made them "fall"..

So the true of power and influence index are:
1.Changes dat we made to our environment (changes dat moves peoples life)
2.How wide the effect of those changes (how far our influence whether in our family,friends,community,even to people we dont know)
3.How long the changes works (is it affecting our generation only?our previous generation or after?thinks how we could affecting the next,and the next and the next generation)

So people lets starts to think those 3 index coz they're the true power and influence of life..
God fulfill those 3 index,His life speaks to us...
(preach by Pastor Jose Carol at JPCC, 8 March 2009)

Wit ma gurls

Last nite i didnt met my bf coz so i went out wit my besties..1st we meet up at Plaza Indonesia and had some dinner at chopstix and my fortune cookies paper said:
Your choices at the moment will be good ones.Trust it connected wit my last purchase in fashion items ^O^ haha..hopefully its about job!!i need a job!!!i'm afraid i'll turn to old lazy jobless woman (exaggerated)..hoho.
Then we stop by at the children section to buy cute lil things at phoebe and chloe,fall in love wit a headband but dunt buy it coz i dont like the price =P after dat continue to chit chat at Anomali..
Anyway i never put wat i wore b4,but i'm goin to...hehe
(Stripe tank from bangkok,hi waist cropped pants from Mango,cardigan from Zara,bracelets from Indian store at ITC Mangga 2,Peep toe heels from Vincci and bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs,Necklace custom made)