Sunday, March 8, 2009

Todays preach

Title:Power and influence index (tolak ukur kekuasaan dan pengaruh)
Usually peoples index bout power and influence is based on
1.expertise (kehebatan) (uang)
3.Position (jabatan)
4.Popularity (popularitas)
Chasing those 4th is very relevant,nothings wrong..But usually mans journey to reach them often made them "fall"..

So the true of power and influence index are:
1.Changes dat we made to our environment (changes dat moves peoples life)
2.How wide the effect of those changes (how far our influence whether in our family,friends,community,even to people we dont know)
3.How long the changes works (is it affecting our generation only?our previous generation or after?thinks how we could affecting the next,and the next and the next generation)

So people lets starts to think those 3 index coz they're the true power and influence of life..
God fulfill those 3 index,His life speaks to us...
(preach by Pastor Jose Carol at JPCC, 8 March 2009)

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Wina said...

woaahh preachingnya OK bangett..Thanks for sharing : )