Monday, March 23, 2009

Next big thing!

Hi guys,as i promised b4 i'm going to post d leather jacket they others nu arrival..enjoy them..
- Leather jacket pic 1 and 2 avail. in S,M,L size (ready stock M) - 200.000
- Leather jacket pic 4 avail. in L,XL (ukuran size L sama seperti M) - 200.000
- Jumpsuit (avail. in black and dark grey) - 110.000
- Long jodhpur pants (avail. in black and dark grey) - 95.000
- Short aladdin pants (avail. in black,light grey,brown,maroon) - 55.000
*double click to zoom the picture*
Price exclude delivery cost,for order,questions,etc email me at


Marla Singer said...

jumpsuitnya panjang sampe mata kaki ga?cheers and thank you =]

GRICIA said...

jumpusitny 2 fungsi bs panjang,and dpendekin jg..tuh kaya d foto..

laraspermata said...

Griciaa leave dukung gue yah QueenBeeHUNT! Ahhaha leave comments on this address

risma asianna said...

leather jacket item yg + wavy tights msh ada gak?
please reply my comment :)

risma asianna said...

yg leather jacket yg combination jacket yg warna item, masih ada gak? kalo mau liat langsung barangnya bisagak? please repky my comment :)