Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

(white shirt from esprit,tulip skirt from zara,t-bar heels from nine west,bag mar by marc jacobs,tag heuer watch,necklace from BKK)
Just got back from Sency to watched Shopaholic muvies,i got two free tickets from Cleo magz,so i ask my sister to accompany me..The movie is hillarious..i've read d book but already forgot coz its a long long time ago..The dress code from Cleo is sexy office look,and to get the sexy feel i put on red lipstick.hihihi and i won the bestdress..yay!!besides goody bag i also got a shopaholic diary books as a bestdress winner..I took my pic after i went home so its kinda messy..hohoho


t a l i s h a said...

i've watched the muvee too. hilarious. don;t you ust love becky's outfits? i linked u too alrdy :)

Tariro said...

Lucky! And that outfit's cute. havent watched it yet but there's always DVD

Lydia Florencia said...

gric, bagus gak filmnya? koq denger2 gak bagus ya? i mean gak sebagus penjabaranya di novel?