Sunday, March 22, 2009

Todays preach

Title=Inner Strength
By= Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat at JPCC (22.03.09)
Wat makes us different from others is our inner strength,coz lots of people pour out their energy only for things dat can be seen..
Why only few people wants to work on fundamental things?coz usually its boring..We have to learn fundamental things coz they can create differences..It can difference us from other who doesnt care wit it..Ex=we lazy to learn computer/foreign language/pray/bible study..
In real life its very important to form fundamental technique coz it cannot be trained again when the "game" is on!

Inner strength will be seen when someone is facing problems/difficulty in their life coz lots of people easily afraid and complaining.Like wat happens nowadays,in global crisis we can see if dat people hav an inner strength or not.

How to train fundamental things:
1.Pray,create a relship wit GOD
2.Read and learn d bible
3.Sow the seed (menabur benih),coz life is about giving
4.Being part of Gods house/church (tertanam di rumah Tuhan),build great relationship dont be aloner.

So people starts to train ur fundamental case,then the inner strength will show how meaningful u are

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