Monday, March 9, 2009

i LOVE monday

(orange knit from Mango,white tank from BKK,lame legging from Tanah Abang,Black bag from Sing,Forever 21 necklace and ring)
After not spending weekend wit ma bf,me and him decided to catch up today..We watch seven pounds muvie at Jakte..this movie is very recommended especially for Will Smith fans,i wont tell u guys d story coz u have to watch it urself..Salute to Mr.Smith for his excellent acting..still remember his I am legend and pursuit of happiness muvies??all of them are amazing rite?
From Jakte me and bf had dinner at bakmi 39 or called as bakmi sakau (chinese pronounciation, 3=sa,9=kau).its located at in front of Ricci school,well d taste is average i think,but its very cheap,we ate 2 bowl of noodles,5 dumpling,and 2 glass of tea wit only rupiahs..but for those who give priority to cleanliness i think u dont need to go here..while i'm eating i meet cat and cockroach..hahaha..well maybe bcoz its raining and u cant expect too much from a street stall lha.. ^O^

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