Friday, January 16, 2009

another visit

to itc wit my sis,bro,and sis is hunting clothes for d chinese nu year but the main purpose is for shopping..he2.she's only in to my friends boutique clothes..i often mention her,ay2..her boutique at 5th floor/a/ sis got a jumpsuit,retro dress and choc sweater wit i like d dress i tried there,but i still want to think of i just order a suede semi high boots but i hc to wait coz my size is still on d way (shipment),but at others boutique i bought a leopard printed dress and 2 in 1 skirt dat can wear hi waist u juz need to grab a belt or u can wear it at d hip..(ps:u can see my sis head behind my pic wit grey shirt,she's sleepin..hahaha)

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