Saturday, April 25, 2009

The List

My dear beloved friends and sister,here are my wish list for my upcoming birthday ^O^:
1.Gold chain watch/playful Nixon watch
2.Pretty heels to exchange my Vincci (jgn pump shoes)
3.Tasha D bangles
4.Oneandahalf detachable shirt dress,Heartbeat organic bag all by Nikicio
5.(Not too) short hi-waist pants
6.Statement ring
7.Oceanus/White musk eau de toilette by Body Shop
8.Magenta (shocking pink) lipstick
9.Sling bag


t a l i s h a said...

hahaha.. nice list., esp no 7.
my friend wears white musk everyday to schl, and it smells really nice!
btw, when's ur bday?
ps: to answer ur question, my dad's not really the "well known hair stylist" or anything, but he's chandra gupta.. hahaha. who knows you may hv heard of his name before.. =) thanks for the nice comment.. do visit my blog again and again!! =p

GRICIA said...

15 may dear..yes indeed they smell good rite..of course i've heard bout his name!haha..

t a l i s h a said...

whoaaa.. i'm two days earlier then hehehe. i wish someone will buy it or the other stuffs on the list for you.. =)