Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooked for him

Moroccan steak and potato fries
Moccachino puding
pillow for me (left), pillow for him (right) - both from dreamesh
my other half

3rd Sept is my 4th anniversary with Temmy Angkawijaya, tried to cook some stuff ended with "not too succeed" hehe..but i can see that he really appreciate my "art work" =) we really had a good time together that day and i forgot to take a pic with him moreover he's not someone who will ask to take a pic coz he's so "cuek" (what's the english word for this!)

As a gift i bought him a dreamesh batik pillow by mba amesh and asked her to attached number 4 as a sign of "our 4th year", i also bought myself 1 to bring it to the office..coz my lousy office chair is killing my back.cih..


mirramie said...

the food makes me hungry...


vdcouture said...

you are too sweet <3


t a l i s h a said...

happy aniversary yaaa.. hehehe.. the pudding looks nyummy..