Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from SBY

Gosh..such a long time i didnt write here..hhehe..
Yesterday i went to Surabaya for attend Babyliss hair cut n make up competition..The place where i worked is one of their media partner..Went there wit Anita,this are our 1st visit to SBY but too bad we only had 1nite still lots of place i didnt visit..
I also met my childhood friend,monica and his husband martin.they treat us at Loop..the place is full of outdoor rest,me n Nita took lots of pics.O yea i ate rujak cingur 1 of SBY food,when i know dat cingur means cow tongue,i'm like dont like it!!!
Enough writing just see d pics ya'll!! ^_^

1 comment:

Citra Ernest said...

fyi, cingur is not cow's tounge, it's cow's nose actually.. :)

haha..later when you're going to surabaya make sure you try our semanggi and lontong balap.