Monday, August 24, 2009

Just wanna show U

My magz just arrived!wohooo...loves ELLE cover!LILO looks damn cool as usual..anyway i always got d collector edition although i didnt order it like that.hihihi...thanks to wiwin d magz seller...btw the NYLON magz is not mine..but my office mate,we r goin to switch it after we finished read our own magz..hehe..
Anyway just bought Cottonink legging,bought the morroccan blue one...its like a hi waist legging,to see other colour click here
I HATE my huge pimple (under my eye,beside my nose) T_T


Anonymous said...

bawa majalahnyaa k k\antoor dooongs....

Vina Sagita said...

lilo is uber cool in this cover!